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Bringing it Back Oldies Mix: Your Playlist to Start Up the Year

With the school year starting up, take time to listen to the Falconer’s oldies mix and take the year on like a champion.
Cadence Wooden
With the school year starting up, take time to listen to the Falconer’s oldies mix and take the year on like a champion.

Music is the heartbeat of the soul and the key to bringing people together—whether they are family, friends, or new people that you meet. “It is a way to express yourself,” said senior Wyatt Schmidt.

The Falconer asked the La Salle community to reflect on the role that music plays within their day to day lives and the impact it has on their mental health and good energy. 

“I’m constantly listening to music. I can’t go without it,” senior Milan Cieslak said. “I think that it is the highest form of human expression.” 

To welcome back the La Salle community as they embark on a new school year, The Falconer worked to create a playlist named “Bringing it Back Oldies Mix”, filled with a collection of oldies. This collection of songs, picked out by some of the music enthusiasts at La Salle, follows a wide variety of decades but doesn’t go beyond 2010. Each track is guaranteed to make listeners bop their heads.

“It can bring people together, and if we know that it is our playlist then it can bring a sense of pride and community that we love,” social studies teacher Mr. Alex Lanaghan said. 

So far, the playlist has 44 songs and here’s a sneak peek at the top five songs:

1.Lovely Day (1988)

By: Bill Withers

This mood-boosting song, from the infectious melody and empowering lyrics that inspire positivity and optimism, creates a sense of joy and freedom that makes it the perfect anthem for starting your day out right.

2.Good Vibrations (1966)

By: The Beach Boys

Its catchy harmonies and upbeat tempo help the song effortlessly bring a sense of carefree joy, instantly lifting spirits and creating a positive atmosphere. With timeless lyrics that work to celebrate the power of good vibes, it provides the perfect anthem that can bring out optimism to go along with high school memories.

3.Santeria (1996)

By: Sublime

This captivating and mood-boosting song contains an infectious blend of reggae, punk, and pop elements. These elements are what create the perfect mix for an energetic and upbeat atmosphere. It’s the ideal anthem for high schoolers seeking a musical escape and fun.

4.Boogie Shoes (1975)

By: KC and the Sunshine Band

This electrifying and uplifting song is characterized by its funky disco groove and a rhythm that gets students moving and grooving. The lively nature of the song, along with its lyrics that celebrate dancing and letting loose, creates an irresistible atmosphere of joy and carefree celebration.

5.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985)

By: Tears for Fears

The captivating synth-pop sound and overall thought-provoking lyrics can connect with high school students’ desire for individuality and ambition. This song can inspire students to dream big, challenge the status quo, and embrace their goals. 

The Bringing it Back Oldies Mix is one that La Salle students can listen to on repeat — whether they’re walking through the halls, driving to school, or hanging out with friends. 

The nostalgic melodies and timeless beats make this playlist one of inspiration and will take students through the golden era of music. It reminds them that throughout the chaos of high school, there is still harmony that can ignite joy in their hearts.

If you have any song suggestions to add to the playlist, please email The Falconer at [email protected].


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About the Contributor
Cadence Wooden
Cadence Wooden, Editor
Senior Cadence Wooden is the third generation of her family to attend La Salle. She enjoys attending all of her classes and appreciates everything that her teachers help her with. Her all-time favorite class throughout her years in high school has been English. Cadence plays basketball for La Salle and outside of school as well. It’s a very large part of her life and she hopes that in the future she’ll be able to pursue it in some way — whether that’s coaching or playing. Outside of school, her hobbies are cooking, making music, and reading.  You will most likely find Cadence on the basketball court or with her friends and family. She loves having her family and friends in her life because they’re always very supportive of her. Cadence’s goals for the future are to work with sports by writing or creating her own podcast, living at the beach to surf, and continuing to travel around the world.

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