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Athlete of the Week: Grace Vu

Jasmine McIntosh
Grace Vu began playing volleyball at a young age and is looking forward to finishing her final year of playing volleyball with the Falcons.

Senior Grace Vu is wrapping up four years of playing on La Salle’s volleyball team. 

Vu started her volleyball career when she was nine at St. Therese Catholic School through CYO. Eventually, she made the move to play more competitively for Oregon Premier Volleyball Club. 

The first position that Vu was introduced to was a DS, or defensive specialist. She has switched between playing libero and DS throughout the years. “I’m still a DS lover,” Vu said. 

Vu was first introduced to volleyball by her father. “At first I didn’t want to,” she said. “Then he was like ‘well, you’re never going to know if you don’t try.’” Ever since then, Vu has grown to love the court. 

Coming into La Salle’s volleyball program as a freshman, Vu describes her first emotions as nerve racking, however, as a senior she describes her transition into the season as seamless. “Now that I’m a senior and I know everybody, I know the community and how it works,” she said. 

Although Vu enjoys volleyball, she has not gone far without facing her side of challenges. One of the biggest challenges Vu faces while playing volleyball is the mental fortitude that the sport requires.

“When you get in your head it really affects how you play,” Vu said.

Vu sees her team as a vital part in helping her through all of her challenges. “They’re super supportive,” she said. “When we see each other struggling we say to each other, ‘Hey, you got the next one, you can do this,’ and it really helps.”

“One of the most memorable games is any game versus Wilsonville,” she said. She enjoys the anticipation and energy that comes along with playing the rivals of La Salle.  

Before games, Vu occasionally indulges in a pregame nap, but always listens to music. Zach Bryan and 21 Savage are among her favorite artists to listen to before games. 

Balancing being a student and being an athlete at the varsity level doesn’t come easy for Vu. “I have a to-do list on my phone,” she said. “I’m definitely a stickler for it, every single thing in my life I put it down so I don’t forget.”  

Outside of volleyball, Vu enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys reading whenever she has the time. 

Looking ahead, Vu doesn’t plan to play in college. Rather, she said she wishes to continue playing the sport, “just to keep it in my life still, but not too serious.” 

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