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Athlete of the Week: Esme Ryznar

Clara Hudson
Through soccer, Esme Ryznar has formed relationships with many people including sophomore Madeline Schneider, who she is still friends with today.

Sophomore Esme Ryznar has been playing soccer since she was four, following in the footsteps of her older brother Dylan, and has since found her love for the game. 

After being on JV her freshman year, Ryznar was able to make the varsity squad this season where she plays defensive left back for the team. “I like it because it’s a lot of running, and even though that’s usually unpopular I enjoy it,” she said. 

Additionally, Ryznar enjoys taking throw-ins during games, which her defensive position is prime for.

Being an underclassman on varsity, Ryznar looks up to all the older girls on the team. “They are really good at soccer and I hope to be as good as them someday,” she said. 

Over the summer, to work towards making the varsity team, Ryznar ran in order to stay in shape, along with doing ball work individually and with her brother on vacation.

A noteworthy change Ryznar notices after the switch from JV to varsity is the difference of intensity between the two teams. “The atmosphere is intense and you work hard, but also everyone’s really supportive so you can get really good and cheer for each other, but also you’re working hard everyday,” she said. 

Thinking ahead this year, Ryznar hopes to become more aggressive. In order to do this, she says she must learn how to make contact with people and not just the ball, but at the same time to be smart and not foul in places where the other team will gain an advantage.

Along with soccer, Ryznar also participated in track and field at La Salle, but soccer remains her favorite. 

Participating in soccer helps Ryznar get in shape to prepare herself for track and field season. Not only does being on the soccer team benefit her in other sports but it also benefits her during school. “Being on a team is helpful for working with other people in daily life,” she said. 

During school, Ryznar does a lot of group work in her classes, which translates well from working as a team during soccer. 

As an athlete and student, Ryznar tends to have a lot of work. Through careful organization, she is able to maintain a good balance between soccer and school. 

Throughout the many years of playing soccer, Ryznar has played for Lil’ Kickers, Southeast Soccer Club, and now currently plays for Thelo United Futbol Club.

One of Ryznar’s most exciting moments while playing soccer came this past season during her final tournament with her club team at the Founder’s Cup. Her team was trailing by one point and they came back and won the game on penalty kicks.

At La Salle her favorite memory was the final game of her freshman season, where Ryznar and her team mercy ruled the last team they played. “That was satisfying,” she said.

Although Ryznar has experienced many exciting moments throughout her career, she also has faced challenges, one being the constant work that is required in soccer. “Every weekend, every weekday you’re training out there no matter what the weather is,” she said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”

Through all the ups and downs of the sport, Ryznar has learned to work hard, be confident, and not give up.

Ryznar is not set on playing in college, but she has a strong desire to continue with the sport after high school. “I’ll probably end up playing some level of soccer,” she said.

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About the Contributor
Clara Hudson
Clara Hudson, Editor
Clara Hudson is currently a senior at La Salle and has lived in Oregon for her whole life. Before La Salle, she attended El Puente Bilingual School and Alder Creek Middle School. She spends most of her time outside of school playing softball and basketball. But aside from sports, she loves to spend time outdoors hiking, going to the beach, and paddle boarding. Clara has three cats named Nala, Luna, and Beila, and a dog named Scout who she loves to play with to get a break from homework. Her favorite class at La Salle is Spanish. Since she's been learning Spanish her whole life, she loves to continue to learn and grow in the language and culture.

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    MaryD BowmanSep 15, 2023 at 6:08 am

    We are so proud of the accomplished athlete and citizen Esme’ has become. Her LaSalle experience is invaluable!
    MaryD and Andy Bowman.( her proud Grandparents)