Student of the Week: Liam Kean


Ashley Hawkins

Freshman Liam Kean is looking forward to playing varsity baseball and skiing for his club team next year.

Tyler Hutton, Staff Reporter

After his first year of high school, freshman Liam Kean is looking to end this year strong. He has his eyes set on bigger and better opportunities in his sophomore year. 

“I’m really looking forward to doing chemistry and then hopefully being in Honors Chem.,” he said. 

Kean has many subjects that he enjoys such as physics and English. He said his favorite class is English I  with Mr. Greg Larson because he knows how to make his classes interesting for his students. “We do ridiculous things,” he said. “He tells crazy stories.” In his other classes as well, his teachers are what make them so fun and enjoyable.

He also finds the resources the school offers for students very helpful, such as peer tutoring, as well as just general supportiveness from teachers.

Coming from middle school, Kean was not that prepared for the amount of work he had for his classes, especially when he had to ski down the mountains for his club team afterward. 

Having to balance schoolwork with skiing, Kean was struggling, but he managed to find a way through it. “We’d have to go up early; we leave right after school and I couldn’t do anything more on a Friday,” he said. “So I’d have to get everything done before Friday.”

Kean looks up to his friends from Utah when it comes to skiing. He would train with them whenever they had the chance over the summer, and he would be in awe when he’d watch them.

Outside of campus, Kean is a multisport athlete who likes to play baseball and glide down the slopes skiing. 

His experience on the baseball team was memorable, even though he is considering not competing next year. “It was fun, it was chaos,” Kean said, “the most ridiculous team I think I’ve ever played on.”

Something Kean regards as special about the baseball team this year was the range of talent among the players. “We have people who have never played the game before, people who should not even be on JV2 and should be on varsity. So it’s all ends of the spectrum, which is special,” he said.

His goals for the two sports are to place top 10 in the state for skiing and to possibly make the varsity baseball team in the next upcoming year.

Kean is also a member of the cross country team but doesn’t really consider it a sport to compete in, as he uses it more as a way to stay in shape for the ski season. 

Ever since throwing baseballs at the age of six, Kean has learned many valuable lessons from his time playing sports. He has learned that he must stay with a task in order to succeed in it, such as with ski racing. “I’ve got to just stay with it, otherwise I can’t do any of it. I’m like an all-or-nothing kind of person with that,” he said. 

His coach has also taught him to view competing in a different way. “He has changed my perspective on racing,” Kean said. “It doesn’t matter if you win if you’re improving in your race, that’s all that matters.” 

Other than sports, Kean also likes doing “dumb chemistry stuff” with his brother, senior Elias Kean. They have made model rockets to shoot up into the sky, which may seem risky and unconventional, but it brings them both joy.