Athlete of the Week: Max Bishop


Ashley Hawkins

Sophomore Max Bishop began playing baseball in kindergarten and is looking forward to heading into his junior year.

Zachary Shields, Staff Reporter

Beginning to play baseball in kindergarten, sophomore Max Bishop played for Northwest Futures Baseball until transitioning over to playing for La Salle as he went into high school.  

Throughout Bishop’s long baseball journey, he has been on good teams and bad. The one thing he believes separates the good teams from the bad is having good leadership. “I think leadership builds hard work and a good foundation of players that want to be there day in and day out,” Bishop said. 

There isn’t anyone in particular that inspired Bishop to play baseball. However, competing every day to get better is what continually drives him. “I like the competitive aspect of it and the experience that it brings you,” he said.  

Bishop considers himself to be a pretty good baseball player, but he also acknowledges that there are some aspects of his game to improve upon. “Something that I’m really working on right now is the mental aspect of the game and not getting down on myself,” he said. His advice to younger athletes dealing with similar issues is, “play with confidence and never doubt yourself,” he said.

A lot of athletes tend to have a pretty strict pregame routine, and Bishop tries his best to stick to his. “I always try to warm up properly and listen to music,” he said. He listens to a wide variety of music, but his favorite artist currently is Drake.

For Bishop, the average practice consists of a lot of similar drills. “We have a thorough warmup to stay loose then we go straight into catch play,” he said. “From there, we break into our own groups and move into hitting or doing EDDs which are basically glove work.” Bishop hopes that all of this work on a day-to-day basis will eventually lead to his end goal of playing college baseball.

Bishop has ties to the California area, including to an additional residence, so he would love to play college baseball at a school in Southern California. Despite being a sophomore, he strives to one day play at a school like the University of California Los Angeles or the University of Southern California.