What To Know About Prom


Cadence Wooden

La Salle’s 2023 prom theme is “Midnight Masquerade” and will take place on May 13 at the Lakeside Gardens.

Maddy Lafollette and Cadence Wooden

With prom just around the corner, it’s time to find dresses, suits, and dinner plans that fit the “Midnight Masquerade” theme. Ms. Adriana Noesi, the Director of Community and Student Leadership, and the seniors from La Salle’s leadership team are in charge of planning this event. Senior Cassie Ramirez, the head student in charge of the planning, explained that the theme for this year was chosen because it was highly requested for last year’s prom, so they decided to include it in this year’s festivity. 

Here is everything you’ll need to know for a night filled with dancing, pictures, and memories:

Time and Date:

Prom will be taking place on Saturday, May 13, from 8-11 p.m. 


Tickets will be $45, which, along with guest passes, have been available since Monday, April 24. The La Salle leadership team also released a promposal competition where the winner will win two free tickets to prom.   


The dance will be held at Lakeside Gardens off Foster Road, with loads of greenery, rivers, and lakes, and whimsical bridges surrounding the building to add the effect of a true midnight masquerade. Ramirez described the venue as being “really pretty,” and revealed that the color scheme, which is black with gold accents and a hint of dark purple, will be seen covering the venue. 

What to buy: 


Long, glittery, and iridescent fabrics are the gowns that are in this year for prom. New York Dress shares, “dramatic fit and flare is here for the win,” with the idea of a corset or tie-in at the back. The colors orange, blue, pink, and green are taking the lead for the most popular colors this year.

Finding the perfect store can be difficult, but here are the basic places you can run to: Macy’s, Windsor, Nordstroms, and David’s Bridal.


The classic tuxedo is still a popular option for men this year, with either a color tie or bowtie. The colors with the most options of suits are navy blue or your iconic black with your tie or bowtie matching the color of your date. 

Finding the ideal store for suits can be a difficult process, but here’s an easy guide with stores that have multiple options: Men’s Wearhouse, Macy’s, and JCPenney.


With the theme being Midnight Masquerade, ball masks are in. The leadership team is “highly [recommending] wearing the masquerade masks to prom,” says Ramirez. The information that Ramirez brings light to on the masks is that they don’t need to be handheld, instead they can have strings to be tied so you won’t have to hold it all night. “We’re really hoping that everyone shows up in masks,” she said.  

With this being a new addition to what is normally needed for prom, it may be harder to find the place to purchase them. The best place to go is Amazon, providing either fun individual masks or matching masks for you and your prom date. 

Dinner Plans: 

Getting ready for prom can also be stressful, but it’s important to remember to eat and have enough energy for the actual dance. Another bonus of going out to eat is the restaurant doubles as an extra backdrop for pictures. Some go-to nearby places before the dance are The Old Spaghetti Factory, The Cheesecake Factory, Oswego Grill, and Salty’s

The Big Why:

Prom has been around for over 200 years and is one of the biggest high school events, and originally this dance was held by colleges and started in the 1800s. Prom comes from the word “promenade,” and prom made its first debut in high schools in 1928. As the years went on, the dance became more popular and extravagant starting in the 1950s, potentially making it one of the most memorable nights of a high school student’s career.