Student of the Week: August Amistadi


Ashley Hawkins

Sophomore August Amistadi has a dedication to working hard, and has aspirations of obtaining his EMT license and becoming a firefighter.

Caitlin Keeler, Staff Reporter

Sophomore August Amistadi grew up in Portland after moving from Seattle when he was four years old. At the beginning of second semester his freshman year, he transferred from Cleveland High School to better his education and grow as a student. 

“I have a bunch of buddies and friends that went to La Salle. I said, ‘why not give it a shot?’ Ever since I’ve come here, it’s been great,” Amistadi said. “Everybody’s been accepting and appreciative. I’ve learned so much.”

Prior to high school, Amistadi went to Sellwood Middle School. “Public School was fun, but [in] private school, I’m getting more of an education and my life is more just straight down the line,” he said.

Although science has never been his strong suit, he has learned this year that Chemistry is his favorite class. He especially likes the teaching style of Mr. Eric Roth.

“I didn’t like science or physics or anything like that until I took his class,” he said. “Mr. Roth made it very exciting and just very easy to learn. He explains things well; I’m doing great in this class.”

Amistadi said that his biggest academic achievement was getting into La Salle. “My middle school grades were a little iffy,” he said. “It was a big excitement when they accepted me.” 

While also striving to be the best student he can, Amistadi has been working at Eastmoreland Golf Course for half a year, where he is in charge of all the golf carts. 

When he’s not working or doing assignments, he enjoys having fun with friends. As he explains it, “Social interaction is just something I need in my life.” 

Amistadi’s biggest role model is his dad because he spends all his time working to provide for his family. “His hard work has shown me that hard work pays off, so I will continue to follow in his footsteps.” 

Amistadi uses his dad as his example for his future. After La Salle, he plans on going to a public college, getting his EMT permit, as well as his paramedic license in hopes of eventually settling down in Seattle, his home town, as a firefighter. 

His best piece of advice for his Lasallian peers is to realize that “just because you’re down doesn’t mean you can’t stand up again.”