Student of the Week: Addison Cate


Michelle Berry

Freshman Addison Cate regards her family and teachers as well as her faith as important parts of her life.

Cadence Wooden, Staff Reporter

With support and encouragement from her community, freshman Addison Cate is thriving in her first year at La Salle.

Cate appreciates the support from her Spanish teacher Mrs. Karen Kessler, as she has helped Cate through her struggles with schoolwork. “She was really helpful, very understanding, and she is always smiling, so that brings my energy up,” Cate said. 

She enjoys her physics class with Ms. Margaret Ehrich because of the free work time she gets in class, but her favorite class is algebra. “My best subject is math, so it’s easier to understand,” Cate said.

Cate had originally gone to Saint John the Apostle, but then transferred to Christ the King for the remainder of her elementary and middle school years. Cate attended these schools because faith had played a big role in her life since she was little. 

Growing up Catholic has always been an impactful part of her life. “When I was little, I don’t really think I knew what it meant, but then I started to read my Bible on my own and really listen in my religion classes and understand what it means,” Cate said. “So now that I really know, it’s really important to me.” 

Aside from Cate’s faith, her family is everything to her. “I love spending time with my family, and being able to talk to them,” Cate said. 

She values the relationship that she has with her family because, “I just think it’s really important to keep pursuing those relationships and making them stronger,” she said. “Because those are the people you’re given for the rest of your life, so they’re definitely the most important people to me.” 

The family member she looks up to the most is her mom because of her care for others and her strong sense of humor. She appreciates how supportive her mom is and how she is able to talk to her about anything.

Cate’s brother, senior Aidan Cate, also attends La Salle. She appreciates having him at the same school, because at the beginning of the year it was nice to know that if she ever needed something, he’d be there. “I think it’s gonna be rough next year when he goes to college because we’ve always been in the same area.” Cate said.

Cate played volleyball for La Salle this year and is hoping to participate in soccer next year as she has played in the past. Since she was young, Cate has always wanted to be like her mom, who played both soccer and volleyball. 

Outside of school and sports, Cate enjoys sewing with her aunt and playing ping pong with her family. “I enjoy ping pong the most because of the competition,” Cate said. “I’m very competitive, so it’s fun.”

During the summer, Cate enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities, such as swimming. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, spending quality time with her family, and participating in any activity that gets her out of the house. When she’s looking for a more relaxed day, Cate will turn on her favorite movie, “Top Gun: Maverick.”