Student of the Week: Stefano Au


Ashley Hawkins

Senior Stefano Au likes to tinker with computers and watch documentaries about topics that interest him.

Trey Williams, Staff Reporter

Senior Stefano Au prides himself on his outgoing nature and positive aura.

In his final year at La Salle, Au is taking multiple AP classes in hopes of going to a university with a very strong business program after he graduates.

Au chose La Salle because of the numerous opportunities that the school offers and the variety of classes there are that cater to all different interests.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to work in STEAM and work with 3D printers, and I was glad that La Salle had that opportunity,” Au said.

Even though the school’s curriculum is “pretty challenging,” Au took it all step by step until he got comfortable with the workload. “I finally found my systems that work for me personally,” Au said. “It took me a while to find out what worked for me the best in order to succeed.”

He has many goals for his final year here — which range through all different aspects of life from academics to extracurriculars. “I want to make a really good yearbook as well, because I really want to have that be a really good final project to demonstrate all my hard work and all the work that we do in Yearbook,” Au said. 

His work ethic is motivated by his father, who inspires him to do his best not just in school, but in life as well.

“My dad definitely inspires me because he sacrificed a lot for our family in order for us to have the things that we have,” he said. “I always tried to carry that ethic in my own work, so I want to be able to hold up to his standard in a way so I can feel more accomplished myself.”

Aside from rigorous academics, Au is also a member of the ski team at La Salle. He has been skiing for about nine years, and started racing when he was a freshman. 

“I want to bring the La Salle ski team up to state because that’s been a goal of mine,” he said, “I should pull my own weight as a teammate.”

Outside of school, Au hopes to travel to Brazil again, as he has a lot of family from his mom’s side there who he doesn’t get to see a lot. He also misses the nightlife in Brazil where everything is filled with “amazing energy,” he said. 

Au is also a big fan of music, specifically R&B, and loves SZA’s album “SOS.” “I try to listen to music as much as I can,” Au said. “Either going to bed … doing schoolwork, driving, even at work when I can.”

As someone who is almost done with his high school years, Au would like to pass off some advice to those who are struggling with school: “Life does get tough and it will nonetheless,” he said. “But you have to take everything in, you have to realize that life will still go on.”