All School Assembly Held To Kick Off Better Together Fundraiser

Lillian Paugh, Editor

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  • La Salle hopes to meet its student fundraising goal of $120,000 by the end of next week.

  • Representatives of teacher homerooms competed against one another in games to win points.

  • Students prepare for take-off to race through an obstacle course on makeshift horses.

  • The crowd goes wild as students compete for the last seat in the final round of musical chairs.

  • Students speed through the relay race obstacle course.

  • In the final seconds of musical chairs, senior Seamus Gwyn and sophomore Trey Williams wrestle over the last chair.

  • Social studies teacher Mr. Alex Lanaghan cheers on his senior representatives during the musical chairs competition.

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On Friday, Feb. 10, La Salle launched its annual Better Together fundraiser with a schoolwide assembly, inviting students across grade levels to compete in activities for participation points going toward their respective homerooms.

Activities included rounds of relay races as well as a game of musical chairs, with senior Seamus Gwyn winning the final round for social studies teacher Mr. Alex Lanaghan’s homeroom class.

The two-week fundraiser is held each year as a way for the school to continue supporting the 62% of students who receive tuition assistance as well as funding the various school activities that take place throughout the year, like school assemblies and retreats, according to the La Salle website.

With fundraising closing on Feb. 24, students have been asked to raise a minimum of $150 by way of their fundraising pages or in-school fundraising activities with the overarching goal of raising a collective $120,000 for the school — as well as to earn an extra day off some time later in the school year.