Student of the Week: John Rask


Jasmine McIntosh

Freshman John Rask envisions a future in the film industry. “I just love filming and directing,” Rask said. “And just having my own ideas in movies.”

Bella Buss, Staff Reporter

Despite the transition from middle school to high school feeling like an uphill battle for most, freshman John Rask found his footing through football and has taken on high school with a brave face and a newfound sense of community. 

“This is high school,” Rask said. “It’s another step.”

Outside of La Salle, Rask received all of his previous education at Holy Family Catholic School, where in eighth grade he especially enjoyed his role in the school’s leadership program. “[Holy Family] was a good starting point for me,” Rask said. 

His previous experience with student council and leadership roles led him to La Salle‘s Leadership program, which has quickly become his favorite class. Rask especially appreciates Leadership teacher Mrs. Noesi’s role and help within the class. “Without her, the Leadership class might not work very well,” said Rask. “But she gets us on topic, she’s very fun.”

One thing that Rask appreciates about high school is his newfound sense of independence and is thankful to be a part of the welcoming community that had originally drawn him to La Salle. “I felt like there was more community,” Rask said. “La Salle was actually trying to connect with me.”

Outside of academics, Rask is a multi-sport athlete, as he participates in both football and swimming.

Although this year is Rask’s first time playing football, he is an extremely experienced swimmer and has been swimming since he was in kindergarten. “I like swimming a lot,” Rask said. “Definitely want to continue that.” 

While Rask enjoys sports, education is his main priority. “[Education] is super important,” Rask said, “La Salle has shown me that, Holy Family has shown me that, and I hope to continue that [mindset] in college.” 

Rask attributes his love of education and passion for learning to his parents and his previous teachers from middle school. From those people, he’s learned to value hard work and the importance of honest effort.

Despite his devotion to his academic life, Rask also has a passion for film and directing. “I love to make stop motion and film movies,” he said. “I’ve made shorts and trailers and I think that’s just a lot of fun.” 

Film and directing isn’t just a hobby though, as Rask hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting or directing in the future. “I just love filming and directing, and having my own ideas [for] movies,” he said.

Rask is very proud of his academic achievements and overall personal growth. Moving forward, he hopes to continue growing and help make a difference in his community.