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Ms. Poteet

January 6, 2023


Ashley Hawkins

“I like fiction and nonfiction, and I go in waves,” Ms. Poteet said. “It’s also related to my job, I read a lot for my job.”

Out of the many novels librarian Ms. Ann Poteet read in 2022, her favorite was “The Christie Affair by Nina De Gramont.

Despite being a historical fiction novel, the book takes a spin on a real event that happened to Agatha Christie, a mystery author that Ms. Poteet has loved reading the works of since she was a teenager.

The story follows the mysterious disappearance of Christie in the 1920s, which De Gramont reimagines in the novel. The incident overall was suspicious to some.“Nobody ever knew if that was true or not,” Ms. Poteet said. “It’s inspired by that event, and the author imagines what might have actually happened.”

One part of the novel that Ms. Poteet found especially interesting was some of the story being told from the perspective of the woman Christie’s husband was having an affair with. The perspective is another reason Ms. Poteet said she likes the genre of historical fiction, because “a lot of real historical things that were happening at the time, I had no idea about,” Ms. Poteet said.

“I would recommend it to anybody that wants a compelling, exciting mystery where you don’t really know what’s going to happen and you want to know because the characters are really interesting,” Ms. Poteet said. “And the author does a great job of making you want to find out.”

Ms. Poteet has been, and still is, an avid reader of Christie’s work. “When I was a teenager, there were not a lot of books written for teenage people,” she said. “So what I read was a bunch of Agatha Christie books.” 

When she was younger, Ms. Poteet said that nothing was off limits when it came to choosing which books to read, which she really enjoyed. “My mom would take us to the library and I could pick anything, which is awesome,” she said. 

While reading is a huge part of Ms. Poteet’s job, she finds that it also serves as an escape and a form of entertainment for her. And, while she enjoys the mystery and historical fiction genres, she also loves fantasy and nonfiction books, too. “I pretty much like everything,” she said.

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