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Mr. Redford

January 6, 2023


Ashley Hawkins

Mr. Redford enjoys reading because “I just like to be transported into different places,” he said. “Whether it’s realistic or fantastical, I just get immersed in it.”

Math teacher Mr. Kieron Redford’s favorite read from 2022 is the novel “This is How you Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.

The novel follows two characters named Red and Blue, who are time traveling agents working for opposing sides in a war-stricken time. Eventually an unlikely event occurs, which leads to the exchange of letters between the two characters, making this unique format one of the primary reasons Mr. Redford said he loves the book.

Not only does the story come to life through letters, but each author takes the perspective of Red and Blue in the letters. The unexpected friendship quickly blossoms into a romance where the once rivaling people fall in love.

“And during the course of the book, they learn to kind of empathize with each other, and it’s quite romantic,” Mr. Redford said.

The unique and captivating aspects of the letters are another reason the book stood out to him “It’s not like a letter written on paper or an email.” Mr. Redford said, “They’re really unusual, fantastical ways of communicating with each other.”

When looking for books, Mr. Redford tends to gravitate towards the new book section in the library, where he often picks out fantasy, sci-fi, and horror books, along with some modern fiction, where “it’s just an unusual situation in everyday life,” he said.

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