Athlete of the Week: Ruby George


Jasmine McIntosh

So far, freshman Ruby George has been loving her first high school basketball season. “It’s going well,” she said. “I am really enjoying it.”

Allison Ginter, Staff Reporter

Freshman Ruby George currently plays for La Salle’s JV girls basketball team. In addition to basketball, she also plays volleyball and softball. 

George previously went to St. Ignatius school. This year, she is taking Spanish, Honors Geometry, and Leadership. She especially likes Leadership and feeling more involved with the school and her fellow classmates. She moved from a small middle school to a much larger high school. “I think the overall environment is just a lot and a big change,” George said. 

George started playing basketball in third grade through CYO athletics at her school. Now playing for La Salle, “I am really enjoying it, but it’s a lot more intense than basketball programs I’ve played for in the past,” George said.

George really appreciates those who support her, especially her parents and grandparents. “My parents inspired me to play sports and they never forced me or pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do,” she said. As for a player who inspires her, George looks up to Aleah Goodman who went to La Salle and played for Oregon State University. 

So far, her favorite basketball memory was just recently during La Salle’s first home game of the season against Beaverton. “It was a really close game,” George said. “There was a lot of anticipation leading up to it and we ended up winning by one. I think that was probably one of the craziest games I’ve ever played.”

George said she is very proud of her shooting so far this season and how much she has improved by just practicing. She also has many goals, both for the team and individually. “[I want] to be more confident in myself and my playing sometimes,” George said. “Also to be more confident in my shooting and instead of always looking to pass my teammate, sometimes taking a shot for myself.” 

Before a game, George likes to listen to music, especially Drake among other artists. She also tries not to stress too much about it; hanging out with friends and her team allows her to relax. “It’s game day and I think just everybody’s so excited, especially for a home game,” George said.

For freshman year, she plans on playing three sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball. In later years, she will focus on the one she likes the most. “I would maybe like to pursue college softball,” she said. “That’s the one I see me taking the farthest.”