Athlete of the Week: Elias Kean


Jasmine McIntosh

Senior Elias Kean hopes to end his competitive sports career on a high note before he graduates.

Finn Miller, Staff Reporter

Senior Elias Kean loves being active and being outdoors, driving him to play many sports over the years.

Kean grew up in the Portland area, and has attributed his love for the outdoors to where he has grown up. “I think having access to a safe outside environment, and a lot of green outdoors, has definitely led to me being more active,” he said.

He started playing sports because he views himself as an active person. “Sports are a reason to be outside, running around, hanging out with friends,” Kean said. “It’s more of a why not [play sports], to a degree, rather than why.” 

Since elementary school, where he attended Duniway Elementary, Kean has participated in ski racing, baseball, basketball, soccer, and cross country. One of his first sports memories is “being on the Duniway Dragons basketball team,” he said, “and playing in a kids versus adults scrimmage.” 

This year, Kean is currently planning on playing baseball and participating on La Salle’s ski team, as well as playing soccer for a recreational team he is a part of.

Kean switched over from cross country to soccer because he wanted to try something different. Some of his friends asked him to join their team, and he ended up enjoying it.

Although Kean has participated in many sports, his favorite is ski racing. He enjoys skiing because of the “outdoors, independence, great community, great coach, and you get to go fast,” he said.

Kean first started going up to the mountain when he was around four or five, but didn’t start competing until he was in seventh grade. He started competing because his parents thought it would be good for him, so he tried it out and found he really enjoyed it.

Kean’s most memorable sports accomplishment is “last year for skiing I qualified to go to regionals which was a lot of fun,” he said. However, a memory that lives in infamy for him is one from his eighth grade season. “Playing baseball I got hit in the eye,” he said. He notes that he still has the scar from the injury.

During his years playing sports, Kean has had some coaches that have influenced him greatly. He feels that both his former baseball head coach, Nate Fogel, and his skiing coach, Lloyd Scroggins, have pushed him to become better at each sport.

After high school, Kean hopes to continue his athletic career. “I would be interested in at least doing intramural or club sports in college,” he said.

Being a senior, Kean is considered a role model to younger athletes. His advice for them is “don’t do anything stupid,” he said, “but don’t be afraid to take risks.”