Student of the Week: Sayre Albert


Ashley Hawkins

Although sophomore Sayre Albert has been involved in theater since middle school, it wasn’t until the end of his freshman year at La Salle that he played an ensemble role in a musical.

Seleste Maldonado Ruiz, Staff Reporter

Originally born in Atlanta, Georgia, sophomore Sayre Albert spent his early childhood moving around the country due to his father’s job. It wasn’t until he moved to Oregon that he and his family finally settled down. 

At first, making friends was a challenge for Albert, but growing up as a multi-sport athlete always made it easier.

It was through baseball that he met freshman Declan O’Brien and he found his way to La Salle — originally foreseeing a future at Cleveland high school.

After taking a tour of La Salle, he decided on altering his decision. “It was just a great campus and [La Salle] just seemed like a great vibe,” Albert said.

Despite experiencing an unusual switch from his middle school – The Ivy School – to La Salle, caused by online learning in his eighth-grade year, Albert’s transition was made easier by his friends who experienced the same things alongside him.

“Going from online [school] back to in-person and then to a new school was a bit weird, but since I had a lot of friends coming here too it wasn’t as bad as I thought,” Albert said.

Additionally, extracurriculars have been one of Albert’s favorite things about La Salle, along with the environment and community built around the theater program and sports teams. 

Albert’s interest in theater started towards the end of his freshman year, when he was approached by a couple of seniors that asked him to play an ensemble role that was about 30 seconds long. Then, Albert became fond of performing and is currently taking Advanced Acting and Production while also being a part of La Salle’s theater performances.

“I just really enjoyed being on stage and being around everyone,” Albert said. “So, I just decided to just keep doing it because it’s just fun.”

Albert’s goals for this year are to put on “a great winter show” and to make his family, friends, and theater community proud, along with wanting to push himself more academically. 

Furthermore, if Albert had the chance to meet anyone famous, he would want to meet Steven Spielberg, an American director, writer, and producer. 

“I want to pick his brain and see how he views the world and how he views it creating movies and TV shows so I could try to get a deeper understanding of how to enhance my skill set and what I bring to the table,” Albert said.

If Albert had one billion dollars, he would choose to donate some to La Salle’s theater program, buy a new house, start his own business, and also support his family’s emerging business.