“Rae” by Ashe — An Alternative Album That Should Be in Your Playlist


Dayanara Day

Both bold and vulnerable, “Rae,” a new Album by Ashe, runs forty minutes featuring songs such as “Another Man’s Jeans” and “Angry Woman.”

Dayanara Day, Staff Reporter

This album contains explicit language 

“Rae” by Ashlyn Wilson — better known as Ashe — is her second alternative studio recorded album released Oct. 14, introducing her back into the music industry. Since her debut album “Ashlyn,” which was released in May of 2021, Ashe has entered a new era, expressing herself more than she did in her debut by releasing the music she truly wanted to write. 

Her last album was centered around her feelings while going through a messy divorce, including the people and experiences that helped her overcome it. In this new album, “Rae” expresses her healed self and everything that can go wrong with love and risks.

Her first song in the album,“Rae’s Theme,” doesn’t have any words, but its instrumental jazz gives us a look into what the album’s vibe is going to be within the span of only thirty-nine seconds. 

Ashe expresses her feelings through a mix of upbeat and slow songs — both vulnerable and bold. She spreads her messages creatively and uniquely in every song. 

Some of the album’s hits are:

Another Man’s Jeans — The second track is a song about being with someone because you’re attracted to them, but realizing you aren’t meant for each other in the long run. It is mainly a song about a bad ex, but one more night won’t hurt, right?

Shower With My Clothes On — Track four is about not knowing how you feel and coming to the point where you don’t know how to handle your emotions. Because of all the confusion, you feel compelled to run back to what you’re familiar with.

Omw — The fifth track is about escaping all of the problems and struggles in life to end up somewhere you feel free and relaxed.

Angry Woman — Track six expresses how people make Ashe out to be someone she is not, a pop star who is only doing it for fame. However, she doesn’t give in to it and does what she pleases.

These four songs in the first half of “Rae” have become the most popular on this release and I can see why. All four tracks are much more original from anything I’ve ever heard and have a melody that feels so modern and advanced, yet simultaneously creates an old-school feeling. Each time you listen, you become hooked on the music that Ashe has created, and she keeps growing with every album and EP released.

Aside from her most popular songs, here are a few of my favorites in this album:

Emotional — Track seven is a song that shows Ashe’s true colors and who she really is without having to get “emotional.”

San Jose — The eleventh track on the album is a song about the fiery sensation of lust and passion. It expresses how individuals are pulled towards each other and that there is a mutual feeling found between those who are attracted.

Loose Ends — “Rae’s” tenth song expresses how people can mask love by being in a relationship without being satisfied with it, and how one looks for an excuse to stay even though they both know it’s best to call it off. However, the song deals with how this can be hard and a decision that hurts.

Overall, this album is a mix of joy, sadness, anger, and confusion. There are feelings all of us can relate to in these songs, and “Rae” sheds  a new light to those emotions and the different ways we deal with them. Ashe’s music in this album shows us how feelings don’t have to be dreaded, instead, they can give us an outlet for creativity.

 Ashe brought forth her creative side and put everything she had into this album — culminating in something beautiful. “Rae” is expressed by powerful lyrics, as well as instruments such as tambourines, guitar, harmonica, and drums, making the album what it is.

Ashe’s album “Rae” is extraordinary and whether you listen to her music or are willing to listen to something new, I highly recommend this. It is a work of art and is everything music should be.