“Faith in the Future” — Louis Tomlinson’s Second Studio Album


Dayanara Day

This new pop album by Louis Tomlinson evokes a lot of emotions for listeners with the varied song paces and electric rock feel.

Dayanara Day, Staff Reporter

Louis Tomlinson has once again satisfied his fan base with the release of his second solo studio album, “Faith in the Future.” The album was released Nov. 11, 2022, and is classified as pop. 

Compared to his debut album, “Walls” (released in 2020), “Faith in the Future” has taken his music into a turn of the pop-rock genre. His music is vulnerable and expressive, yet it keeps his audience dancing and singing along to the new melodies.

Since Tomlinson’s involvement in the band One Direction, which was established in 2010 and broke up in 2015, he has since developed his solo career. After the release of “Walls,” Tomlinson completed a world tour, which was the first after his days with One Direction.

He wanted to take a step away from his boy band era and create music that was his own, and that is exactly what he has been doing.

The track list of his 2022 album consists of 14 songs and the deluxe version consists of a total of 16 songs.

“Faith in the Future” has been a huge hit among his fans, with a few songs especially blowing his fan base away. Some of these include “Written All Over Your Face,” “Bigger Than Me,” “Lucky Again,” “Chicago,” and “Silver Tongues.” 

These songs are album favorites because of their messages and easy going melodies. Not only are they catchy, but they are also memorable. 

The top-rated songs on the album are about hiding your feelings and being scared of change. In “Bigger Than Me,” Tomlinson sings, “when somebody told me I would change/ I was afraid I don’t know why.” These lyrics can resonate with his audience because it reveals that he is not the only one who is afraid of change and he has to come to terms with it like everyone else.

This album has an amazing variety of soft, upbeat, and rock songs that compliment the album’s overall feeling and sound, giving its audience everything they could want in a single album.

A few of my personal favorite songs on this album include “Written All Over Your Face,” “Chicago,” “Common People,” “Silver Tongues,” and “Headline.” These songs stand out to me because each of them are so unique in their own way and they are quite different from what he usually creates.

Each of these songs portrays a different feeling or experience, which contributes to the unique aspects of each song. Here are my interpretations of a few of my favorites:

“Written All Over Your Face”: Track two is about hiding your feelings and how those who truly love you can see that there is something wrong and that you’re hiding something. 

“Chicago”: This track expresses the connections people still have after a breakup. People still care about those they were once very close to but have since drifted from because they have changed from when they were in the relationship. In this track, Tomlinson shows us that we can still care for those we once loved and that feelings don’t simply just go away.

“Common People”: This song is about growing up middle class and loving where you came from. Tomlinson sings about going back to his home after being in the spotlight because he loves where he grew up and the life that he had as a child. He expresses that his community is a group of beautiful people that mean so much more than stacks of money and wealth.

“Silver Tongues”: The eleventh track is about how one person can mean so much to you and know you so well; it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. What’s important is that as long as you are with them, you are happy. 

“Headline”: This song is about reading someone like a headline, only seeing what is presented about them and not fully understanding who they are. It’s about misconceptions and judging others before you even get the chance to know them.

Overall, this album is extraordinary, from each individual lyric to the instruments that are orchestrated into each song. Tomlinson not only delivers an album more advanced and unique than his last, but he does it on his own terms. 

“Faith In The Future” has already sold over 37,500 copies since its release, proving to be even bigger than his first album “Walls.” This album is a testament to Tomlinson as an artist who pushes his creative ability to its fullest potential. 

If you are looking for new music to listen to, music to add to your playlist, or just a new artist to discover, I would highly recommend giving Louis Tomlinson a try. Not only has he made an impact on the music industry with One Direction, but he has earned his stripes as a solo artist and made his mark as he did when he had the attention of the whole world on him.