Athlete of the Week: Will Ceballos


Ashley Hawkins

Senior Will Ceballos is hyped for the upcoming basketball season.

Lucy Loeb, Staff Reporter

Senior Will Ceballos has been playing basketball since he was five or six years old and has expressed  great joy in playing. In his first year at La Salle, Ceballos played for the freshman team, moving to junior varsity his sophomore year, and making varsity for his junior season. He plans on returning this season for his final year at La Salle.

Growing up, basketball was always a big part of Ceballos’ life. His older cousin, a La Salle alumni, played basketball for all four years of his time here. Additionally, both his uncle and dad played on La Salle’s basketball team, taking home the state championship in 1986.

Ceballos enjoys the opportunities basketball has opened up for him. Not only has traveling with his team led him to become closer to his fellow varsity teammates but also underclassmen and junior varsity players. “We practice with the JV kids, so we get to have pretty much the same relationship [with them] as if they were on varsity because we’re with them every day,” Ceballos said. “We go to all their games too, so it’s really fun. It’s a chance to connect with the underclassmen that we might not know as much.” 

Ceballos describes last season’s team dynamic as being similar to a “big friend group.” Traveling around the state with his team for basketball games is one thing he particularly enjoys, as he says it serves as an opportunity for the team to bond. “Last year, our team was really connected,” Ceballos said. “Our coach was really focused on getting us connected and getting us liking each other so we can have fun while playing. It’s not just like it all feels like work.” 

Describing the first game of the playoffs last season, Ceballos says the “odds were already against us,” as he recalls that the previous five years when teams went to the playoffs, “the road playoff teams never win, the home team wins every single time.” During the 2022 playoff game, La Salle went into the fourth quarter with a lead of 12 points but their opponent, Ashland High School, made a last-minute comeback and ultimately took the victory.  

The varsity basketball team ended second in their league last year and ninth seed overall in OSAA 5A rankings. However, last season’s loss in the playoffs hasn’t discouraged his hopes for the upcoming season. “It was a tough game, a tough loss, we were all very sad. But, it was a good season overall, everyone got better and it was just really fun and that’s why I’m excited for this year.”