Athlete of the Week: Conor Garvey


Olivia Burtram

With soccer in the spring, summer, and fall, and baseball in the spring, sophomore Conor Garvey is almost always playing sports.

Andrew Keller, staff reporter

A multi-sport athlete, sophomore Conor Garvey has been playing baseball and soccer for around 10-11 years. 

“Basically ever since I could [actually] play,” Garvey said.

Garvey’s favorite sport out of the two is soccer, and he currently plays left back for La Salle’s varsity soccer team. Regarding his soccer experience at La Salle, he had several positive things to say, like how much he loves the atmosphere. 

“This is the most people I’ve ever played for [in] the stands,” Garvey said. “It was crazy … the Jesuit game and the Wilsonville game are my two favorite moments of the season.”

Outside of La Salle soccer, Garvey also plays club soccer in the spring and summer for Portland City United, more commonly known as PCU. Garvey enjoys club soccer because it focuses on different aspects of the game. 

“It kind of zeros in on your skills and technique,” Garvey said. “Club soccer is more focused on development, whereas high school is more for fun.”

In addition to almost year-round soccer, Garvey plays center field for La Salle’s baseball team. His favorite moment from last season was beating West Albany High School in the first round of the 5A state playoffs. 

“That was amazing, running off the field,” Garvey said. “Just sprinting towards Coach Fogle and getting hyped.”

One of the main reasons Garvey loves sports so much is because it helped him find his people. “All my friends are my teammates,” Garvey said. Additionally, he enjoys playing sports for the competitive aspect. “My favorite thing is being able to trash talk during the game,” Garvey said. “Then shake up the guys after [the game].”

Garvey is inspired by his fellow soccer and baseball teammate, senior Finbar O’Brien, and looks forward to being a mentor to younger athletes in the soccer and baseball programs in the future. His main motivation is to work hard and take advantage of the last two years of soccer he has left at La Salle so that he can be the best player that he can be, and he hopes for an opportunity to take his skills beyond the high school level. 

To a young athlete aspiring to play at the varsity level, Garvey had these words of advice.

“Work hard,” Garvey said. “Don’t think that practice is the only time that you should be playing the sport. If you really want to be good at it, you have to love the sport in and outside of practices and games.”