Athlete Of The Week: Ava Bergeson


Ashley Hawkins

Freshman Ava Bergeson starts her high school basketball career on varsity.

Finn Miller, Staff Reporter

Freshman Ava Bergeson is starting her La Salle basketball career on the highest level. She has yet to play a game for La Salle but was still chosen to be on the varsity team.

Growing up in her home neighborhood of Milwaukee, OR she often took part in many street basketball games. “My neighbors play basketball and we would play together every day in our front yards,” Bergeson said.

Bergeson started her basketball career when she was in first grade playing for Little Hoopers. Some of her first memories of Little Hoopers were going to the gym every Saturday and wearing colored wristbands. The wristband told them what players they would have to guard. After playing for Little Hoopers for three years she transitioned to a club team in fourth grade and now plays for NW Select Basketball Club.

The University of Oregon is Bergeson’s favorite team because both of her parents attended the school.

Bergeson’s favorite player and role model is Sabrina Ionescu, who played for the University of Oregon and now plays for the WNBA team the New York Liberty. Bergeson feels that Ionescu is “just a really good inspiration,” she said. “She motivated me a lot too.”

Although Bergeson excels in the sport, she has not gone without facing roadblocks. “In a tournament about a year ago, I played bad the whole time and I just felt really down and I just didn’t want to do it anymore,” she said. However, Bergeson realized that she was in her head and ended up “getting over myself and kept playing,” she said.

Bergeson has played in many club basketball games, but one game last year stands out as a highlight. “Last summer, I had a really good game and college coaches were watching,” Bergeson said. “Later on, I got a call from a college coach and I just felt everything I worked for was in that moment.”

Bergeson’s club coach Angie Sun has had a big impact on her and how she plays the game. Sun helped Bergeson fit in when she started playing and kept on believing in her as well.

Bergeson plays anywhere on the court except for point guard, but she enjoys the shooting guard position the most.

Looking forward to her future, Bergeson hopes to continue her basketball career after her time at La Salle is up, “I want to get into a D1 college and play in college and then see where that takes me,” Bergeson said. Although any D1 college will do, her dream college to play for would be the University of Oregon.

Bergeson’s outstanding ability to play, as well as her work ethic, has cemented her a position on the varsity roster. She says her advice to any athlete that wants to be in her position in the future is that “practice makes perfect.”