Student of the Week: Henry Cechini


Jasmine McIntosh

Junior Henry Cechini names South Beach State Park as his and his family’s favorite camping spot.

Hannah Whiteside, Staff Reporter

Junior Henry Cechini begins his third year at La Salle with a challenging start, but still sets goals for himself. He plans to do well in his classes to better prepare himself for college and as the captain of the robotics club, he wants to organize the group so that “when I eventually leave we can continue on as a strong team,” Cechini said. 

Cechini began robotics in the second semester of his freshman year at La Salle. He said Ms. Coleman encouraged him to join the team after spending some time in the Innovation and Design Center and now, he has recently become the captain. 

As captain, one of Cechini’s biggest goals he hopes to accomplish this year is taking his team to the state competition. He said that in robotics you have to design and program the robot, but something a lot of people don’t see is the other half of it, which is getting sponsorships, outreach, and the community aspect of the club. 

On top of his passion for robotics, Cechini likes to push himself in school. He is taking five AP courses which include: AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, AP English 3, and AP U.S. History. 

Cechini names off German, Biology, Computer Science, and Calculus as his favorite classes, but he was unable to choose just one because “I like a lot of my classes, that’s one thing I liked about La Salle in general, is I love all my teachers,” Cechini said. 

Despite having a great teacher, Cechini names AP U.S History as his least favorite class because, “history is not really for me,” he said. 

In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with electronics and disassembling “random stuff,” Cechini said. He enjoys building things, and salvaging parts of others to build objects such as “amplifier systems so I can have my speakers, and build different, I guess, accessories for my computer electronics and soldering and whatnot,” Cechini said. 

Looking into his future, Cechini “definitely want[s] to go to college.” His passion for mechanics makes him almost certain that he wants to go into some sort of engineering. He mentions “mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or aerospace engineering,” Cechini said. 

He highlights his first trip to the East Coast as the best part of his summer. He went with his family to Boston, Massachusetts, and Maine. He enjoyed seeing the city in Boston, but also liked the woods in northern Maine.

Although he’s been to England before, Cechini wants to go back to see more of the continent, mentioning Italy, but specifically Germany as his bucket list trips because of his love for the language. 

His advice for incoming juniors next year is “becoming friends with your teachers,” he said. It will make your school life easier because the classes won’t be as intimidating and “you can kind of see the teachers, I guess, like a human and not just a grade monster,” Cechini said.