New to Office Administration but Not New to La Salle, Ms. Sara Robles Joins Staff


Josephine Robinson

Ms. Robles grew up in the Milwaukie and Oregon City area.

Josephine Robinson, Editor in Chief

La Salle welcomed several new members to the community at the start of this school year. This story is one of a series of profiles highlighting these people.

As an alumni of the class of ‘93 from La Salle, new administrative assistant Ms. Sara Robles said it’s good to be back. 

“There’s a lot of changes and then a lot of it seems very much the same,” Ms. Robles said. “[La Salle is] a lot bigger than when I was here.” 

As the administrative assistant, Ms. Robles is responsible for answering the phone, helping with sick kids, sending out the daily updates on Schoology, processing mail, and greeting visitors, among other things. 

Ms. Robles attended Clackamas Community College where she got her associates degree in medical assistance. From there, she worked in a family practice for 24 years. 

Though for the last five years Ms. Robles has been a stay at home mom, she decided it was time to get back in the workforce. 

“[It’s] totally different,” Ms. Robles said. “I’ve never worked at a school before, but it’s still a lot of customer service and dealing with kids.” 

Something that stands out to Ms. Robles about La Salle is its close family atmosphere, as she has seen many other alumni come back to work at the school and classmates of hers who are also now sending their children here. 

So far, Ms. Robles has most enjoyed experiencing spirit week at La Salle. “Seeing the kids and the teachers getting into spirit week was fun,” she said. “And watching the assemblies, that was fun. There’s a lot more interaction than when I was here.” 

As for goals for the future, Ms. Robles hopes she can remember more people’s names and get better acquainted with all of the teachers and know what they all teach. “Being able to remember everyone’s name would be a huge goal,” she said. “I don’t know if that will happen with 600 and something kids, but that would be good.”