‘Don’t Worry Darling’: A Victory Project or an Average Film?


Dayanara Day

New psychological thriller movie, “Don’t Worry Darling” stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as Alice and Jack Chambers.

Dayanara Day, Staff Reporter

The movie reviewed is rated R and contains explicit content.

“Don’t Worry Darling,” the perfect life and a perfect wife — except is it really perfect?

This new thriller which was released Sept. 23, follows the story of a young couple, Alice Chambers played by Florence Pugh and Jack Chambers played by Harry Styles, who appear to be a perfect couple and have a perfect life. They live in a suburban neighborhood along with other couples who are living similar lifestyles — with working husbands and busy housewives.

When Alice starts to question whether or not she really knows the truth about their lives, she starts to wonder whether she can trust Jack or if he’s hiding something.

When going to the theater to see this film, I expected to see a thriller with a mediocre plot starring two great actors. Yet everything I saw immensely exceeded my expectations. Not only did Olivia Wilde’s directing accentuate the suspenseful genre of the movie, but she also did an amazing job executing the film.

Throughout this movie, the acting was consistent, the plot was intense, and the overall setting created a pleasing aesthetic. After everything that’s been said about this film since its release and red carpet premiere, I would give it a rating of nine on a scale out of 10.

Prior to its release to the public, critics had given the film a lower rating, triggering a slew of drama. USA Today stated, “The movie, too, was torched by critics (on 38% fresh reviews on Rotten Tomatoes) and arrived in theaters with more baggage than any recent release.” 

Not only is this movie a nation-wide phenomenon because of one of its most relevant stars, Harry Styles, but it is bringing in a large audience and has already made $19.2 million since its release.

Everything from the costumes and the cars, to the timeline and organization, fit together and coincide perfectly. The complexity of the film along with its depth and meaning takes the film to a different level completely.

Styles’ acting was mind-blowing, especially since it was his first lead role and film back to the movie industry since his first appearance in the 2017 production of “Dunkirk.” Florence Pugh also gave an extraordinary performance, as this film was her genre of choice.

The chemistry that Styles and Pugh gave within the first five minutes of the film was a surprise to all, and it was upheld until the movie ended. However, some critics had assumed that Harry’s acting would ruin the movie because of his lack of experience.

Not only has this film been a fascination, but the acting that Styles gave us has been showing skeptics his dedication towards this film. Many have assumed that Styles only has a talent for music, which has greatly affected his acting career. However, coming into this role as Jack Chambers has separated the perception of his “15 consecutive sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden” persona and professional career in the film industry.

If you are looking for a fantastic new movie with a plot that will draw you in and a story that will take over your mind, I recommend seeing this film. It truly is a work of art.