Student of the Week: Olivia Serio


Jasmine McIntosh

“I like baking a lot, just [making] some cookies for the day,” senior Olivia Serio said.

Seleste Maldonado Ruiz, staff reporter

Senior Olivia Serio has enjoyed her high school experience at La Salle so far. She had an easy transition to high school, partly because she attended Christ the King for middle school.

Seeing familiar faces and having a similar environment during her transition has been a contributor to that. “[Christ the King] is right next to La Salle so a lot of people came over, so it was kind of easy to get settled in because I have lots of friends that go here,” Serio said.

Content with her decision of choosing La Salle to be the school she would spend her next four years at, Serio feels as though La Salle’s community is what she enjoys the most. “It’s very small [and] feels very close,” she said. “I feel like everyone has a connection, even with teachers.”

Although La Salle’s challenging AP courses have been something Serio had stayed away from in the past, she decided to take AP English this year. “Even though [the other classes] are not hard, I would say they’re fulfilling,” Serio said.

Serio enjoys classes most when her friends are in them. One of her favorite classes that she’s taken is U.S. History, which is taught by Mr. Hugh Hegarty. “I really enjoyed U.S. History last year,” Serio said. “It was very project based, and I had a lot of friends in that class, too, so it just made that class easier.”

In addition, Serio enjoys spending time listening to music, baking, and doodling, as well as helping out with the La Salle theater program. She has helped with lighting and making sets for big productions like the fall plays and spring musicals. She also has helped with smaller shows like the open mic nights and the winter show.

Thinking about her final year of high school, Serio’s goal is to figure out what she wants to do in the future. “[I] just [want to] get through [senior year] and try to figure out my life ahead,” Serio said. “Since I’m not taking hard classes, I do have time to figure out colleges and what I actually want to do.”

Not being a fan of change, thinking about her future ahead, and wanting to stay local for college, Serio plans on applying to the University of Portland and Pacific University in order to become an educator someday.