Raise Your Pom Poms: Cheer Returns to La Salle


Josephine Robinson

The Falcon cheerleaders perform one of their more difficult stunts during the football game this season and help get the crowd energized.

Cadence Wooden, Staff Reporter

For the past few years, La Salle hasn’t had a cheer team, but this year, that changed. Bringing high energy to the sporting events and helping guide La Salle in showing their school spirit, the cheer team is back and working to create a new story for this year’s Falcon pride.

For many on the cheer team, this is their first time cheering, but so far that has not been a struggle for them due to the experienced coaching staff. The coaches used to cheer as cheerleaders at the University of Oregon and are now able to pass off their knowledge to all the Falcon cheerleaders. “I feel like I am actually a cheerleader now, which is actually really fun,” junior Brooke Posner said.

Practice is twice a week from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria or on the turf, where the team practices their routines and works on their stunts. The cheer team has created a positive environment to practice and get work done to help boost the Falcon spirit. “Sometimes you can think of practice to be overwhelming and kind of stressful, but with cheer it’s not really stressful because we all get to have fun and talk and also, be serious at the same time though,” Posner said.

“We all are friends and know that we have each other’s back,” junior Maria Rohe said. “We try to keep a family-like team where everyone can go to each other.”

On game day for the football team, the cheerleaders are able to eat food that’s provided by a parent and then they’re out on the field stretching and rehearsing to prepare for the game.

The main difference between an away game and a home game for the cheer team is that on the home game they’re able to hold a sign up for all the football players to run through.

The student section’s positive attitude has been a huge value to the cheer team. “When we see the crowd having fun, it makes us have fun as well,” Posner said.

At the moment, the cheer team only consists of female members, but they are hoping that they will be able to recruit more members to help support the upcoming winter sport, basketball.