Let’s Study: A Playlist to Tackle This Year


Ashley Hawkins

With school starting to speed up, listening to music is something that can help with concentrating on studying.

Lilah Ruud and Rita Tran

School starting means that students will soon be studying for upcoming tests and quizzes. This playlist contains a variety of songs that can help students study while enjoying some relaxing and entertaining music. 

“Dandelions-Violin” by Joel Sunny: 

The amazing song “Dandelions,” originally by artist Ruth B, has been turned into a gorgeous piece that is perfect for studying. It gives a classical feeling to a more modern song. With no lyrics, this song allows your brain to listen without getting the lyrics mixed up with your homework.

“Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope, and I Virtuosi Italiani: 

This is a piece with a beautifully mixed harmony. It is perfect to listen to when you want something to fill that awkward silence when you work. It has a gorgeous, gentle tone that slowly builds up to the climax where you can feel the passion of the artists. 

“A New Day with Hope” by Yu-Peng Chen and HOYO-Mix: 

If you love to listen to a calming piano, this song is perfect for you. Soft and soothing, this is the song to listen to if you want a mellow study time. With a whimsical tone, it transports you into a fantasy world of green fields and a gentle breeze.

“YOUTH” by Troye Sivan: 

Full disclosure, this song does have lyrics. If you are someone who can enjoy songs with lyrics while studying, this song is one to try. It has a lovely, calming beat and lyrics that do not distract you too much.

“Mavericks” by Tom Doolie, HYA, and Rich Jacques:

Lofi Hip Hop is a classic when studying, and this song is a perfect addition to any study playlist. This piece carries you to a tranquil late-night picnic at the park, relaxing and pleasant,where you can just enjoy the moment. 

“Sincère” by Matteo Myderwyk :

This piece of piano music is a part of the 2022 album, “Veluwe Suite.” Its soft and mellow sound makes you feel like you are walking through a forest. The beat helps bring you back to Earth, allowing you to center yourself.

“The Scientist” by Daniel Jang :

Originally sung by Coldplay, this is a violin cover piece that makes you feel curious and interested in what you are doing. It brings a sense of happiness, as well as nostalgic memories. While listening, you feel like you are floating, rising into the air with no worries in your mind. 

“Coffee Breath” by Sofia Mills: 

Sofia Mills’ peaceful and relaxing song takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions of love and loss, all while feeling happy and uplifted. The beat of the music is carefree and easy to listen to while studying.

“Wildfire” by Eric Nam: 

Eric Nam sings a song made with cool and relaxing beats that will help you concentrate on your work. It is a catchy song that makes you happy to study. It will make you feel like you are walking in the forest along the growing trees and the falling leaves. 

“We fell in love in October” by girl in red: 

This is a song that welcomes autumn and helps us get ready for what’s next to come. The beats are perfect to study to since it is not overwhelming or too loud. It will make you reminisce about the summer, while also making you excited about the pumpkin lattes to come. 

This playlist is available below for if it deserves a place in your Spotify library.