La Salle’s Leadership Class Holds a School Supply Drive for Those in Need


Clare Daudelin

Students Roscoe Mithoefer, Kamryn Houghton, and Vicki Poletiek are in charge of planning the school supplies drive, along with help from Director of Service Ms. Maher.

Maddie Burns and Clare Daudelin

La Salle’s Leadership class is partnering with Clackamas Women’s Services and local elementary school Lot Whitcomb to provide school supplies to families in need via a supply drive.

The goal of this drive is to support local children and families in need. “Many of us grew up with almost an excitement around school supplies … but for too many families, it is a big burden, it’s a lot to ask for,” Director of Service Ms. Sarah Maher said. 

The Leadership class is hopeful that people in the La Salle community will be happy “to support local communities [since] school supplies can be very expensive,” senior Kamryn Houghton said. 

The supply drive began Sept. 7 and will continue through the end of next week.

To donate supplies to Lot Whitcomb, students and families can leave items in the designated bin at the entrance of the school. 

Items can be donated directly to Clackamas Women’s Services on their Amazon wish list. Once an item is purchased from their wish list, it will be sent straight to them. “I think the Amazon wish list is just awesome because it’s super easy,” Ms. Maher said. The wish list includes a variety of school supplies that can be purchased including colored pencils, scissors, and sticky notes. 

Students and families at La Salle are encouraged to participate in this school supply drive as a way to support and give back to the community. “It’s a nice opportunity to partner with Lot Whitcomb and Clackamas Women’s Services,” Houghton said. 

As the year continues, the Leadership class is looking forward to holding more drives to help those in need.