Student of the Week: Ayden LaCelle


Lukas Werner

Freshman Ayden LaCelle said that his peers at La Salle “make me a lot happier and really want me to do well,” LaCelle said.

Olivia Fuchs, Assistant Editor

Freshman Ayden LaCelle has been enjoying getting to know his peers and teachers at school this year, meanwhile balancing school, his hobbies, and extracurricular activities. 

LaCelle said he spends his free time “eating and playing video games,” and he enjoys going for bike rides, especially on the weekends. He said that biking helps him to clear his head and he enjoys the feeling of the wind. Biking doesn’t take a lot of energy, so “it’s not easy to get tired,” he said.

LaCelle also really likes his teachers and peers, saying that “all the kids are super nice.”

“The teachers all seem like they really want to help us, which is not something I experienced in middle school,” LaCelle said, explaining that his teachers are a large part of what has made his experience at La Salle so great. 

LaCelle feels that he has made a lot of friends this year. “I can connect with all my friends and all my teachers,” he said. LaCelle says that his teachers and friends have made him a better person. 

LaCelle said he knows or has become friends with most of the people in his freshmen class and is friends with a few sophomores as well. He has connected with a lot of people by participating in extracurricular activities at La Salle, such as track and field, where he just competed in the JV novice districts on Friday, May 6. 

When LaCelle is struggling with a topic in school, he likes to stay after school to get help from his teachers, and they “try their best to help me,” he said.

LaCelle feels that teachers Ms. Margaret Ehrich and Mr. Gregory Larson have especially helped him appreciate his experience at La Salle. LaCelle said that Mr. Larson’s class “is a struggle” but in a good way, as it has helped him to learn a lot. 

“It’s really stressful to go to school and know that the decisions you make are going to affect your entire, or most of your career,” LaCelle said, explaining his experience with not always getting the grades he hopes for. 

LaCelle enjoys watching movies and TV shows, especially “The Office” because that is his favorite TV show. However, he has watched many movies and said he cannot pick a favorite. 

He enjoys participating in activities with his friends and tries to focus on school at the same time as well. He also enjoys sitting back and relaxing while watching something on the TV.