Seniors and Staff Wear College Gear To Celebrate National College Decision Day

Josephine Robinson, Assistant Editor

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  • After making college pennants for their college decision, seniors also received donuts.

  • Senior Mia Kritzer chose Loyola University in Chicago to double-major in criminal justice and psychology. “Once I visited, I totally fell in love with it,” she said.

  • Seniors Peyton Stephens, Audrey Hibler, Kathryn Feise, and Mia Skoro enjoyed lunch while wearing their college gear.

  • Senior Ahna Peterson said she has chosen to go to the University of Oregon because “my mom went there, so I’ve grown up around the atmosphere and it’s always been my dream school,” she said. Peterson is also looking forward to meeting new friends and getting the college experience.

  • Counselors Ms. Michelle Berry and Ms. Madeleine Hanley wore their college gear while helping seniors make their college pennants.

  • Senior Murphy Schuster is heading to Oregon State University. “It was larger and it had all of the opportunities for extracurriculars and for education,” he said.

  • Senior Natalie Fuchs said she has chosen to go to Oregon State University. Looking forward, Fuchs is excited to “meet people, and also I think I’m just over high school,” she said. “I’m ready for the next chapter.”

  • Spanish teacher Ms. Karen Kessler stood with her pennant from Marylhurst University. “I chose to go to this college because it was small,” she said. “I had actually gone to Portland State for my undergrad, and it was very big and it was very overwhelming, I didn’t get that personal connection with teachers … But I did get that with Marylhurst.”

  • Principal Ms. Alanna O’Brien was one of many staff members to wear gear from their former colleges.

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A day that can often cause stress for senior students at La Salle and seniors across the United States is May 1, National College Decision Day. While big decisions are on the mind, seniors and staff had fun with the day by wearing gear from their chosen colleges.

Seniors also made their decisions public to other students by creating pennants decorated with their names, plans for after high school, and a polaroid picture that is displayed in the main hallway.