Student-Run Instagram Account Showcases Class of 2022’s Future Plans


Lukas Werner

“With senior year winding down, we don’t have that much longer with each other, and I think it is kind of exciting to be able to see where everyone ends up and what they plan to do,” senior Natalie Fuchs said.

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

As the traditional May 1 deadline nears, high school seniors are starting to share their plans for post-graduation. 

In light of this, so seniors can announce their commitments to universities, gap years, years abroad, and more, senior Natalie Fuchs created a student-run Instagram account where seniors could submit their future plans and a photo of themselves to be featured. 

“I just want seniors to feel like all their hard work is recognized because we have all earned it,” Fuchs said. “Gap years, trade school, travel, enlisting, anything is really exciting and important to share.”

Previous classes have created similar showcasing accounts, which Fuchs said is what inspired this year’s account. She wanted a way to see all of the seniors’ future plans, especially since some students may not know each other very well. Since its creation, the account has amassed over 100 followers.  

To be featured on the account, seniors can send a direct message to the account including their future plans and a photo of themselves. 

Senior Mary Hanley said she appreciates this celebration of her future plans and fellow classmates. Hanley found the account and decided to submit her commitment to the University of Oregon in hopes that other seniors would feel inspired to continue sharing their plans.

“I think it’s such a nice thing for everyone to be celebrated and to be able to share their future plans,” Hanley said.