Live Music Is Back: Indigo De Souza Plays Aladdin Theater


Clare Daudelin

Indigo De Souza played under multicolored lighting while performing her song “Darker Than Death”.

Clare Daudelin, Staff Reporter

With the transition back into a world with in-person human interaction, the live music scene is making a comeback, with shows and concerts galore. Music is a way to bring people together, which is something that many people have been missing in the past two years, myself included.

Music can be an outlet for expression and an embodiment of our emotions, so the experience of seeing and feeling it played in front of you can be a whole mind and body experience.

On Tuesday, March 29, Indigo De Souza played at the Aladdin Theater, supported by the opening act: Field Medic. I attended this performance with three of my friends after a long wait of anticipation, since I purchased the tickets months before the event. I can say with certainty that it was everything I wanted and more.

De Souza’s music is dreamy and ethereal but also hard-hitting and emotional — each song takes you on a ride of its own. This remained more than true for the live experience; I was front and center so I could physically feel the music as it was being played. 

Despite saying she was not feeling her best after being exhausted from the whirlwind of touring, her set was incredible. My favorite songs that were played were “Late Night Crawler,” and “Kill Me,” which was the ending song. The crowd experience for both of these songs was incredible — my friends and I along with the people around us were jumping all around and singing along — each of these songs left me sweaty and trying to catch my breath. 

The opener, Field Medic, is a one-man band whose real name is Patrick Sullivan. His music is quite different from Indigo De Souza’s, yet the sets seemed to flow well into each other. Field Medic’s genre leans more toward the folk side of alternative indie music, but similar to that of Indigo De Souza, his lyrics are heartfelt and tell a personal story.

As the opener, he warmed the crowd up throughout his performance, making connections with the crowd via music and sharing stories from the tour. 

All in all, this concert experience was more than I could have hoped for. The energy and environment that was created within the Aladdin Theater was unmatched. Even the waiting time before and between each set was enjoyable, although I may be biased because Indigo De Souza is my favorite artist at the moment.