Athlete of the Week: Layne Portash


Lukas Werner

Portash has been immersed in the world of softball since kindergarten.

Natalia Gonzalez, Assistant Editor

Ever since she played T-ball as a child, sophomore Layne Portash has been immersed in the world of softball. Portash started playing T-ball in kindergarten and then moved up to Little League when T-ball ended. She then joined a competitive softball team, Northwest Mayhem. 

“My mom and my dad both played baseball and softball, so that’s probably why they just put me into it,” she said. 

In addition to club softball, Portash has played for the La Salle varsity softball team since she was a freshman.

She plays for La Salle on the weekdays and practices with her club team on the weekends. When the school year ends, Portash will begin traveling to tournaments with her club team. 

Going into her freshman year at La Salle, Portash knew a few people that she would be playing with already such as sophomore Clara Hudson, sophomore Elena Raschio, and junior Halia Richter. 

Last year’s season was far from normal due to its shortened length. “We had like three or four games a week,” she said. “It was shortened and stressful, but it was fun.” 

A goal that Portash is currently working on is improving her pitching. As well as playing pitcher, she also plays first base. “I don’t really play first base that much now, I [have] mainly just been pitching,” she said. “I do love first.” 

When getting ready for games Portash doesn’t really have any pre-game rituals, but she does do some stuff with the team. They participate in secret sister— an anonymous gift giving activity—and have a playlist they listen to when they warm-up. 

Portash’s favorite thing about softball is playing with a team. “I just like to have fun,” she said. 

Portash said that she looks up to the seniors on La Salle’s softball team. Portash likes how the seniors, who are also the captains of the team, “keep the environment really fun and light,” she said.

This year’s current season has had a tricky start as they have been playing some hard teams. However, in their last non-league game they took down Nelson 12-4. Portash said that as league play starts, the team will get better, which is connected to their ongoing work with improving communication. 

In addition to softball, Portash also plays basketball for the La Salle basketball team. “That was very fun,” she said. “I had a great time with my team.” 

After high school, Portash knows that she wants to continue playing softball. She wants to head out of Oregon, but not go too far away.