#21 La Salle Fell to #15 Hood River Valley In An Extra-Inning Softball Game

Lukas Werner and Fia Cooper

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  • The team headed out of their dugout in the first inning as they geared up for a game.

  • Senior Ryley Vickroy ran towards first base after she managed to hit the ball out towards the right side of the field.

  • Senior Ryley Vickroy cheered as her teammate made it to third base.

  • The team gathered together before the game to talk and get ready.

  • Junior Mallorie Taylor swung and hit the softball after it was pitched.

  • Junior Halia Richter caught the ball after the pitcher threw it.

  • Teammates congratulate each other after La Salle scored a home run.

  • As softballs flew out of the field, team members went to go fetch them.

  • Teammates watched while waiting for their turn to bat in the inning.

  • Sophomore Layne Portash winded up to throw the ball to the opposing team when it’s their turn to bat.

  • At the beginning of every inning, the infielders huddled to discuss strategies.

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On Tuesday, March 29, the #21 La Salle varsity softball team competed against #15 Hood River Valley. La Salle fell with a final score of 4-2. 

“I think it went really well. We’ve been up against some really tough teams,” junior Halia Ritcher said. “We’re playing well and we’re putting a lot of energy in.”

Something that Ritcher is looking forward to is team dinners and bus rides. “We have a lot of fun bonding outside of softball off the field,” she said. 

The team will be able to play a full season this year and have the chance of being able to go to state. “It’s really exciting because my freshman year was when COVID first wiped everything out,” Ritcher said. “This is my first real high school season.”

The next game will be on Friday, April 1, against #2 Pendleton.