February Funk: This Month’s Music Essentials


Madeline Obuchowski

Madeline and Maddie have compiled 10 of their favorite songs for this February playlist.

Maddie Burns and Madeline Obuchowski

Some of the songs on the playlist below contain explicit language.

As February comes to a close, Madeline Obuchowski and Maddie Burns wanted to share the music that they listened to this month by compiling it into a playlist called February Funk. The playlist is filled with 10 great songs from a variety of indie, folk, and alternative artists. 

“Vickie” – Peach Pit

“Vickie,” Peach Pit’s newest single from their upcoming “From 2 to 3” album, is the perfect blend of their typical upbeat and wistful qualities. The song illustrates the playful friendship between Neil Smith, lead singer of Peach Pit, and an old friend, Vickie. The song portrays a humorous and playful relationship between the two friends. “Vickie” is a nostalgic and sentimental tribute to friendship. 

“What Once Was” – Her’s

“What Once Was” by Her’s incorporates riveting guitar and powerful bass that create a captivating effect. The addition of the bass in the intro leading up to the beat drop is incredible and adds a rhythmic heartbeat to the song. The low, rich vocals by Stephen Fitzpatrick are calming and can be listened to forever.

“No Other Heart” – Mac Demarco

In “No Other Heart,” Mac Demarco and his playful musicality just make you happy. Each instrument can be clearly heard while still blending beautifully together. In many songs, the keyboard can be drowned out, but this song elevates each instrument equally. This song represents the thrill of having a crush on somebody, the excitement, the butterflies, the pounding heart, and the sweaty palms. The affectionate vocals by this jizz jazz artist demonstrate being naively optimistic of your love.

“Cherry-Colored Funk” – Cocteau Twins

“Cherry-Colored Funk” is a euphoric and blissful song by the Cocteau Twins. The mix of ethereal vocals and hypnotic instrument playing sends you to a heavenly headspace which is fitting for the title of the album, “Heaven or Las Vegas.”

“Windowpane” – Mild High Club

“Windowpane” by Mild High Club has a compelling intro, phenomenal syncopated bass line, and incorporates a modern use of the harpsichord. This song is an excellent example of psychedelic music that can make anyone happy. 

“Maple Syrup” – The Backseat Lovers

“Maple Syrup” by The Backseat Lovers is great for a variety of reasons, including the insane electric guitar that truly is the core of this song. The lyrics are about the struggles one faces after a breakup — and the instrumental aspects of the song mirror the timeline of the end of a relationship. As the song starts it feels almost light and empty like denial, while the end of the song feels more energized and painful like accepting that an important relationship in someone’s life has come to an end.

“Pristine” – Snail Mail

“Pristine” is a powerful song written and sung by the talented Snail Mail. The song starts off mellow and then as you enter into the chorus, you’re hit with not only powerful electric guitar and drums but Snail Mail’s compelling lyrics as well. The suspense and build-up throughout the song along with the final minute and a half is an experience that you can’t miss out on.

“Up Granville” – Peach Pit

If there was one song that perfectly encompasses a summer road trip with your friends, it would be “Up Granville” from Peach Pit’s upcoming album “From 2 to 3.” Unlike many of their previous songs that had a much stronger indie rock influence, “Up Granville” has a smooth and melancholy feeling, making it unique and memorable.

“POWERFUL LOVE” – Field Medic

“POWERFUL LOVE” by Field Medic is the definition of short and sweet. The song is only two minutes and 17 seconds but in that small amount of time, this song can completely change your mood. The enjoyable lyrics accompanied by the steady beat make the song feel freeing. “POWERFUL LOVE” is one of those songs that is able to take all your cares away, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

“Static Space Lover” – Foster the People

Foster the People is best known for their song “Pumped Up Kicks,” but they have so many other great songs, including “Static Space Lover.” The creative lyrics, euphoric vocals and catchy beat are capable of transporting you to another world. It’s definitely a top pick to listen to while driving through the city at night with the windows down.