How the Boys Varsity Basketball Team Plans To Overcome Challenges


Fia Cooper

“If everyone does their job and works hard, I think this season will go well for us and give us a shot at a league championship as well as a state championship,” junior Nick Robertson said.

Stella Rask, Staff Reporter

With a total of 16 players on the boys varsity basketball team this year, team members and coaches alike emphasized that each individual has a strength to highlight. “We’re all weird and funny, and it works,” junior Cade Jansen said.

Head coach Mr. Sean Kelly added that the team members “all like each other, so they are not afraid to share the ball and let someone else take the spotlight if they are playing well,” he said. “They come to compete every day.”

Mr. Kelly particularly emphasized the scoring capabilities of the team this year. “There are a lot of players that can really shoot on the team,” he said.

“Most people can shoot and most people can rebound, and the people that can’t do a good job of filling in for the stuff that the people who can shoot and score are not able to do,” junior Nick Robertson said. 

Junior Nick Robertson’s ultimate goal this season is to win a championship. Although he feels that the individual skills of each team member are strong, he does think that working more as a team would further their chances of achieving this goal. “I think we have a lot of skilled players, but it needs to come together more in terms of everyone working together,” he said.

Rebounding was emphasized as an area of improvement by Mr. Kelly as well as some of the team members. “If we want to compete with the best teams in the state, we have got to become a better rebounding team,” Mr. Kelly said. 

In order to boost morale, the team goes to team dinners on game days. Places like Claim Jumper, Subway, Red Robin, and Chipotle are favorites among the team. “Always Chipotle,” Robertson said.

According to the players, COVID-19 has served as an obstacle for the team throughout the entire season, from cancellations to quarantines. Now, with players having to wear masks during practice and games, a new pandemic-related issue has been created for the team. 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, players report that they are still hoping to perform their best in future competitions. “COVID has affected our schedule, but not our team,” Jansen said. The team is continuing to work hard and prepare for league play. 

The community can support the team by “being a little patient with the end result,” Mr. Kelly said. “It will take a little while for this team to discover an identity. But, once it does, this team will be fun to watch.” 

“Come to the games,” Robertson said. “Be loud. Heckle the other team … but not too much.”