NFL Player Alex Molden Visits La Salle With Hopes To Inspire and Encourage Student-Athletes

Ashley Hawkins, Staff Reporter

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  • Mr. Dustin Janz spoke with students before the event.

  • Mr. Janz expressed his gratitude for the guest speaker Mr. Alex Molden.

  • Students filed into the bleachers before the event, which lasted around two hours.

  • Mr. Chris George welcomed Alex Molden to La Salle at the beginning of the talk.

  • Alex Molden spoke about character building and football in his speech to La Salle students.

  • “When you hear from an outside source, it might spark you in a different way. And even though it’s the same message, it’s slightly different. And you might respect that person because of what they’ve accomplished,” said Mr. Justin Danz.

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On Thursday, Dec. 2, Alex Molden — a retired NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Chargers, and Detroit Lions, as well as the University of Oregon — visited La Salle to give an inspirational speech. 

Open to all current students as well as prospective ones, the event had a social aspect in addition to the speech, with students gathering in the cafeteria for pizza before Molden’s talk.

After the event, La Salle football coach Mr. Dustin Janz reflected on the value of Molden’s speech for current and prospective students. “I think the biggest thing is just having an outside voice, somebody who’s had some success in playing the game of football and then navigating life and becoming a successful adult… knowledge that he’s acquired throughout the years over his process to our younger players,” Mr. Janz said.