Athlete of Week: Aidan Kelly


Fia Cooper

If Kelly could give advice to any future La Salle athletes, he would say to “just work hard.”

Anna Waldron, Staff Reporter

Freshman Aidan Kelly has been playing basketball his whole life, and this season, he is excited to “make new friends, meet new people,” and extend his basketball career, he said.  

Kelly plays on the JV boys basketball team, and has been enjoying the community surrounding La Salle sports, specifically the bonding element of being at school with his teammates. 

His ten year basketball journey has consisted of playing for his grade school St. Rose, his club team, Northwest Reign, and now he takes on high school basketball for the first time. As this is Kelly’s first year playing at La Salle, he wants to challenge himself to “take on a better leading role,” he said. 

Kelly particularly enjoys the bonds he has formed with his teammates and the community aspect of playing basketball at La Salle. “When you’re with them everyday you get to see them, talk to them, and make a better connection,” he said. He describes the entire program as a “family” because everyone enjoys and supports one another. 

Even early on in the season, Kelly feels the team has connected on and off the court. “I think it will make us a better overall team when it comes to the long run,” he said. 

Kelly’s unique experience having his dad serve as the varsity head coach has had an impact on him as a player. “It makes me want to work harder, so I can show I belong where I’m at,” he said. He feels that he has to prove himself more, faces more pressure, and is confronted with different challenges that no one else on the team understands or experiences.

Though at times it can be challenging to have his dad as his coach, Kelly feels that his dad has positively impacted him as a player in many ways. “He’s definitely always shown me that I can do more, and just extend my game, and the aspect of it,” he said. 

As for people Kelly looks up to, Nick Robertson is someone on the team who he admires because “he’s the best player on the team,” he said. “ I kind of want to be him when I become a junior or senior,” he said. Kelly is also inspired by Kobe because of his “mentality, and what he did, just in a positive way,” he said. 

If he could give advice to any future La Salle athletes, Kelly would say to “just work hard.” 

A personal goal that Kelly has set for himself this year is to move up to varsity and play at a more competitive level. In his time at La Salle he is striving to “just get better,” Kelly said. His hope is to “make it to college ball, and then just win a few state championships,” he said. 

As far as team accomplishments go, Kelly is setting expectations high. He wants to “go undefeated during [the] season,” he said. “I’m hoping to win the championship, or win [the] playoffs.” 

Kelly hopes that the communication with coaches, family dynamic, and hard work will take the boys basketball team far this season.