A Thank You To My Favorite Lasallian Teachers Who Have Taught Me More Than Classroom Material


Lukas Werner

“Enter to learn, leave to serve” is exemplified by these teachers at La Salle every day.

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

On a warm early September morning in 2018, I entered La Salle for the first time as a high school student. Holding my water bottle in one hand, and my printed-out schedule with the classroom numbers in the other, I was ready to start this next chapter in my life. 

They say high school will go by in the blink of an eye, and it did. 

In six months, I will enter La Salle for the last time as a student.

I will leave the school to move on to the next chapter of my life; whatever that may be. Through the highs and lows, the good days as well as the hard times during the pandemic, I have spent what feels like my entire life at La Salle, and yet the end is just around the corner. 

I remember applying to La Salle, crossing my fingers that I would become part of the community. The students and the teachers make the school what it is. Before my time at La Salle, I knew numerous teachers and staff members by their first names, and learning from them now has bonded my relationship with them in ways I never expected. They were adults I looked up to, and then my teachers, and soon will be my friends. 

While I’ve learned a language, dove into history, developed my writing skills, gained my voice, and played scientist because of La Salle teachers, every teacher has taught me more than the bare academics. 

Ms. Carie Coleman…

is not only a teacher but a scientist, activist, and artist who I have grown up inspired by. Knowing Ms. Coleman since I was a little girl, I have always been pushed by her to speak out against injustice and speak up for what I believe in. 

After school, I spent hours in the Maker’s Space making jewelry, designing vinyl stickers, and getting endless amounts of positive advice on issues I was dealing with. Ms. Coleman has shown me how to approach difficult situations respectfully while staying true to myself. She creates a space where all students can be themselves and let their creativity explode. 

Ms. Amy Gantt…

is one of the most organized teachers I have ever had, and luckily I had her twice. She demonstrates her organizational skills to all her students, and powerfully persuades us to follow in her footsteps. 

Her classes are anything but easy, and Ms. Gantt expects the best work from all of her students – pushing me to gain a new understanding of producing meaningful work and staying organized even through the pandemic. Being held to a high standard can be extremely intimidating, but Ms. Gantt always supported and offered any extra help when needing it. 

Mr. Miles Kane…

was one of the first teachers I met coming to La Salle, sitting in his classroom during a previous “homeroom” called Falcon Formation. Mr. Kane saw potential in me and pushed for my presence in Journalism, which has undoubtedly transformed my writing capabilities and challenged me to cover important issues in and around the La Salle community. 

Being one of the most understanding teachers to ever exist, Mr. Kane has encouraged me to do the best work possible – while taking care of my mental health. 

Mr. Alex Lanaghan…

brings humor into his classroom, producing endless smiles and pure joy from his students. Learning of dark pasts in history can be daunting, but Mr. Lanaghan’s approach allows students to learn and still have a good time in class. 

There is never a dull lesson, and that is something I will always remember. Walking in and knowing he is smiling underneath his mask, creates a welcoming atmosphere where students know they can be themselves. Though Mr. Lanaghan challenges his students, he constantly brings laughter into the classroom. 

Ms. Lisa Moran…

doesn’t expect her students to be perfect and teaching a language means there will be mistakes and creating that space benefits learning to a whole new level. There is comfort in her classroom because Ms. Moran makes the space feel warm and inviting to all students. Understanding our stress, she adjusts her teaching to help her students be more successful. 

I have never experienced a class that challenges me as a student, yet comforts me as a human. Ms. Moran will always give out advice to students needing a mentor and will comfort us when we need a shoulder to cry on. She really does care about her students. 

Mr. Eric Roth…

is goofy, kind, and caring. Bonding with him quickly over ties to Michigan State University, my relationship with Mr. Roth has grown into one that I will cherish forever. Ever have a bad day? Going to Mr. Roth’s room can cheer the blues up very quickly. He is adventurous, has always inspired me to spend more time outside, and to take care of the Earth. 

By riding his bike to school often, Mr. Roth demonstrates how to be a steward to the world and contribute even a small amount to savor the Earth’s beauty. He pushes his students to find joy in the small moments, and to see beyond a grade – focusing on the work contributed instead of a letter. 

As I prepare to enter the world as a young adult, La Salle has given me the tools and introduced me to the teachers that have taught me lessons to implement wherever I end up.



Thank you, Ms. Coleman, for teaching me how to be an advocate, and letting me find my creativity. 

Thank you, Ms. Gantt, for providing the organizational skills for success, and holding me to the highest standards to be proud of the effort I put forward. 

Thank you, Mr. Kane, for seeing my potential, and challenging me to go beyond what’s easy.

Thank you, Mr. Lanaghan, for always making me smile, and providing a safe space for your students. 

Thank you, Ms. Moran, for showing me that I don’t need to be perfect, and it’s okay to make mistakes. 

Thank you, Mr. Roth, for loving the Earth, and showing me how to find the good in the bad. 

Thank you, La Salle.