20 Gift Ideas To Give to or Get From Your Loved Ones


Lukas Werner

There are many different holiday gift ideas that suit a wide range of budgets and styles.

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

Finding gifts for those special people in your life can be challenging, but don’t be intimidated and wait until the last minute to purchase an amazing present. Whether the people in your life are big on nostalgia or have a knack for cooking, there’s a perfect gift for everyone.

Here are 20 gift ideas for your loved ones that will undoubtedly bring a smile to their faces.

The Art Book: Revised and Expanded – $45 

Perfect for art fanatics book worms. This book can be used for a tasteful touch of decoration and for easy-going browsing on a cold winter day by the fireplace. The book showcases over 600 of the most renowned artists from medieval to modern times. 

Kodak Luma 75 Pocket Projector – $189.95

Perfect for convenient portable screening of your favorite TV shows and movies, this pocket projector is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a bulky TV or entertainment system. This projector is Bluetooth-equipped, making it easy for you to project straight from your phone.

Smoko Garfield Light – $26

This adorable light-up Garfield is a fan favorite across all ages and will bring some lighthearted decoration to any room. 

Heart Mirror – $20

Available in three different pastel colors this lovely heart-shaped mirror provides a built-in tray to hold jewelry, makeup, or skincare products. This is perfect for the aspiring beauty guru in your life

AeroGarden Indoor Garden – $89.99

For anyone that has a green thumb, or hopes to develop one — this indoor garden can be started during any and all seasons. This indoor garden may also provide relief to some, as they know they have fresh, good sourced produce. 

Dash Air Fryer – $59.95

This safe, versatile, highly popular kitchen tool is perfect for the mediocre and professional at-home chef. The possibilities are endless on what you can air fry – just pop that frozen pizza or that heavy-filled s’more into the device and be amazed at the results. 

Pasta Machine – $82

Ever wanted to make your own pasta? Well, this machine that is made in Italy delivers authentic pasta shaping abilities, making it the ultimate gift for pasta enthusiasts. 

Nespresso Machine – $295.95

Love espresso? Why not save some money in the long run, and learn to make it yourself! This easy-to-use machine can teach you how to become a magnificent barista. 

Fondue Set – $90

With the holiday season upon us, entertaining your family and friends can be an event in and of itself! This fondue set is sure to be a showstopper during Christmas dinner. 

Uggs Boots – $170

They’re back, and better than ever. It’s never too late to own a pair of warm clouds with soles. Though they are on the spendier side, these shoes last for years, and always keep your feet warm and toasty. 

Converse Roller Skates – $359

Combining style and flare – these roller skates will be the perfect accessory to daily chores, long neighborhood walks, or when visiting your local roller rink. 

Grecian Bust Pot – $24

For art addicts and plant lovers, this Grecian-inspired pot would be a perfect addition to any room, adding a touch of sophistication for indoor and outdoor plants. This pot combines art with functionality into the perfect piece of decoration to a table, windowsill, or shelf.  

Animal Planter with Succulent – $19.99

Planted with decorative moss or river rocks, the small succulents are planted in adorable animal pots perfect for anyone who loves animals, colors, and wants to get into plants. 

Motivational Water Bottle – $17.99

Does anyone else find it extremely difficult to stay hydrated throughout the day? This water bottle has an easy-to-follow guide on how much water you need to drink each day. 

Dyson Airwrap – $549.99

If you love beauty or know someone who loves to indulge in beauty products, this needs to be your next splurge. This insanely strong yet gentle hairdryer can curl, straighten, and style hair while drying it. 

Bath Board – $34.99

The perfect addition to a bath – propping your items above the water, providing space for any drinks, and functions as a decoration when not in the tub.  

Flower Floor Pillow – $48.99

A trendy and functional pillow that can be used as a seat or behind your head, adding the perfect pop of color. 

Reusable Film Camera – $34.95

Want to get more into photography? A reusable film camera might just be the perfect thing. This one-shot camera provides a perfect setup for spur of the moment photo. 

Amtrak USA Rail Pass – $499.99

With a great price, give someone a beautiful vacation on the rail system of the United States. This pass is perfect for someone who wants a touch of European travel, but doesn’t have a passport. 

Weighted Blanket – $38.24

As the winter approaches quickly, this weighted blanket is perfect for adding some more comfort to your movie nights and cold winter sleeps.