Student of the Week: Anders Bergler


Fia Cooper

If sophomore Anders Bergler could meet any famous person, he would choose Kevin Hart.

Natalia Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Anders Bergler has ambitious goals for the coming year. One of them is to make the best of what he is given and “have fun and be happy with the opportunities that I have.” Another goal he has is to work hard at school and make new friends and memories. 

Bergler decided to go to La Salle because of his sister’s positive time here and because “it [is] a good community,” he said. One of his favorite aspects of La Salle is the comradery of the sports teams. He also appreciates that “all the teachers are willing to help you all the time.” 

The academic support time that La Salle offers is another aspect of La Salle that Bergler enjoys. He likes that it gives students the opportunity to talk with their teachers and get any extra help they need.

Last year, online school “wasn’t the worst experience, but it definitely wasn’t the best,” he said. Having the Wednesday flex day was something that “helped a lot to regroup myself and reset,” he said. The hardest part of the pandemic for Bergler was not being able to attend social events such as football games and soccer games. 

Outside of school, Bergler likes to hang out with friends, and play basketball and baseball. Competing in these sports is something he is looking forward to in the upcoming year, in addition to supporting other La Salle sports teams. 

Clothing inspiration comes from many different places for Bergler. He likes shopping at thrift stores with friends and getting clothes online. He doesn’t have one specific person that he looks up to for style but, “I follow a lot of people on social media that have the same style as me for inspiration,” he said. 

In terms of his schedule, Bergler is currently taking two honors classes, Honors Geometry and Honors Chemistry. Honors Geometry is his favorite class because “Mr. Swanson is a really nice teacher and he works with you really well,” he said. Honors Chemistry is his most challenging class because of “the material and the lab write-ups,” he said. 

Along with his core classes, Bergler also takes Beginning Guitar as an elective. Bergler finds this class to be enjoyable, partly because of the instructor, Mr. Otto Wild. Next year, he plans on taking iStudy because it will be his junior year and he feels the workload will be heavier. 

In a word of advice for freshmen, Bergler suggests “[using] the Lasallian teachers to your advantage because they will always work with you,” he said.