Photos of the Week

Fia Cooper, Assistant Media Editor

This week, The Falconer’s staff documented life at La Salle in a collection of photos, featuring students doing everything from Biology class assignments to tryouts for the varsity boys basketball team. 

Check out the pictures below for a few highlights from around campus this week.

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  • Juniors in Mrs. Sheibers AP Biology class worked together on an assignment.

  • On Wednesday, Nov. 7, students attended the heroic vow assembly.

  • Sophomore Luke Martin and Sophomore Andrew Keller played on the seesaw at Zenger Farms.

  • Juniors Carson Frick and Nick Miller attended boys basketball tryouts.

  • Sophomores at Zenger farms held a caterpillar while at their service field trip.

  • Senior Audrey Hibler worked on her English project.

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