La Salle Administration Introduces a New COVID-19 Case Tracker


Lukas Werner

The COVID-19 case tracker will be available to recipients of La Salle’s newsletter, the Falcon Forum.

Lana Skoro, Staff Reporter

Recently, La Salle released a COVID-19 tracker, or dashboard, which provides the students and parents with the opportunity to stay up to date on cases and outbreaks within our school. 

Displaying new cases in a data table, the COVID-19 tracker shows how many cases occurred each week by separating them into individual columns.

The columns on the table represent the number of students testing positive, the number of staff testing positive, the number of students quarantining following an on-campus exposure, and the number of students quarantining following an off-campus exposure. 

The tracker does not include the personal information of the students or staff that have contracted the virus, so they can inform the community of the new cases without personal information, in order to maintain the privacy of the staff member or student. 

The data tracking format is simple and clean, providing people with quick and easy access to the La Salle community. 

Since the first day of school, Sept. 5, 2021, 18 students and two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.

The contents of the COVID-19 tracker can be found on the Falcon Forum, which is sent to the emails of La Salle parents, giving students and their families an easier and more direct way to monitor COVID-19 in the school community.