Girls Soccer Team’s Senior Night Ends With a Victory Against Hillsboro at Home

Lukas Werner and Fia Cooper

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  • The girls soccer team prayed together on the field before the game started.

  • Senior team members posed for a photo with their families under the floodlights.

  • The girls soccer team stood for the national anthem in front of the American flag at the beginning of the game.

  • Seniors Natalie Pfleger and Molly Schmidt celebrate the first goal of the game.

  • Senior team members posed for a photo with fans holding supportive signs.

  • Senior Molly Schmidt raced to swipe the ball back from an opposing team member.

  • Before the game started, the team huddled together to do their chant.

  • Junior Emelia Warta scored the second goal of the game with a penalty kick.

  • Senior Gretchen Shea kicked the ball away from the opposing team.

  • Junior Alison Weber ran to kick the ball to a teammate.

  • The team rushed to the ball to keep it on the opposing team’s side.

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On Oct. 28, #2 La Salle varsity girls soccer team beat #14 Hillsboro High School, 2-0, on La Salle’s field.  

This game was also senior night for La Salle where the seniors were recognized before the game. 

“This game was bittersweet because it’s our last league game ever,” said senior Abbie Reddick. “So that was kind of sad, but it was really fun to get to do senior night and see our families and get to play,” 

Looking back on the season, senior Hannah Reddick, Abbie’s twin sister, said that the first game was her proudest moment on the team. “Corvallis, that first big win against a really scary team was really something that showed our skills but also showed our strength as teammates and as friends,” she said. 

When we asked Hannah Reddick if she planned to continue to play soccer in college, she said she wasn’t planning to. However, she is looking forward to checking out intramural soccer at whichever school she decides to attend.

“This season really reminded me how much I love soccer, not just as a sport but as a community and as a team-building experience,” Hannah Reddick said. 

Along with bringing the community together, on and off the field, there is one thing that Hannah Reddick will take away from soccer. “The support and compassion of every single person on my team is something that I’ll never forget,” she said. 

After beating #15 Churchill 8-0 during Round 1 of the playoffs on Tuesday, Nov. 2, they will be playing #7 Pendleton on Saturday, Nov. 6.