In a Victorious Senior Night, Volleyball Wins 3–0

Ashley Hawkins and Lukas Werner

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, #8 La Salle varsity volleyball won against #24 Hillsboro, 3-0. Prior to the game, senior members of the team were honored for their accomplishments during their time spent on the team. “It was nice to have a really good win against Hillsboro as our last game for senior night … it was really exciting,” senior Peyton Stephens said.

“I thought it was a good way to wrap up our league season and I thought we executed really well especially in the first and second sets,” senior Mia McCaffery said. 

Their next game is on Saturday, Oct. 27, where they will be playing in the first round of state competitions.

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  • Varsity volleyball players cheered on their senior team members in matching T-shirts.

  • Senior Mia Mccaffrey was recognized by her family for her hard work on the team.

  • Senior members of the volleyball team posed for a photo with their families after they had all been announced.

  • Varsity volleyball girls lined up on the court sidelines before the match began.

  • Junior Olivia Maulding threw a small mini volleyball towards the crowd at the beginning of the match as the players’ names were announced.

  • Senior Grace Bienapfl practices her approach before the game during the team’s warm-up routine.

  • Senior Amanda Rivera posed for the camera before the start of the game.

  • Junior Mallorie Taylor served the ball as a warm up to prepare for the match.

  • La Salle’s number three, Alana Keepes, warmed up before the game.

  • Junior Mallorie Taylor and senior Mia McCaffrey performed drills before the game.

  • Sophomore Hailey Heytvelt hit the ball over the net towards two Hillsboro players.

  • Peyton Stephens and ​​Olivia Maulding jumped up for a block, anticipating a hit from Hillsboro.

  • The senior night game attracted a large audience as many students came to cheer on the volleyball team.

  • Junior Olivia Maulding and senior Mia Mccaffrey high-fived each other between sets.

  • Students in the crowd cheered on the varsity volleyball team.

  • Senior Amanda Rivera and junior Mallorie Taylor high fived each other in celebration of scoring a point.

  • Junior Alana Keepes celebrated after La Salle scored a point.

  • The crowd erupted in cheers after La Salle scored another point against Hillsboro.

  • The varsity volleyball team waved goodbye to Hillsboro at the end of the match.

  • A table adorned with photos and balloons was assembled before the game to highlight the hard work put in by the senior players over their last four years.

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