Girls Soccer Team Remains Undefeated After Match Against Bend

Lukas Werner, Assistant Editor


On Sept. 23, La Salle’s girls soccer team faced off against Bend Senior High School, a 6A team, which is currently ranked sixth in Oregon.

“It was probably the most intense game we played so far this season,” said senior Natalie Pfleger after the La Salle girls soccer team won 3-2.

“I could feel everybody’s energy going up and getting excited for the next half,” Pfleger said. 

After a tough first half, “I felt like there was a team click,” said sophomore Sydney Spotts. “I went out there trying to just have fun, because I kind of lost that fun in my past games.”

Correction: October 1, 2021

An earlier version of this article misstated that Sydney Spotts is a freshman. Spotts is a sophomore.

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  • After a team meeting, the team gathered in celebration of the 3-2 win.

  • Fellow falcons cheered on the girls’ soccer team as they encroached on Bend’s goal.

  • The outfielders celebrated one of the last goals of the evening.

  • The game paused briefly as sophomore Sydney Spotts tied her shoes.

  • The girls soccer team came together for a cheer as a team right before going out for the second half.

  • During halftime, senior Abbie Reddick, sophomore Stella Gibbons, and sophomore Gabriella Matic took a water break before a team huddle.

  • Senior Natalie Pfleger celebrated one of the first goals of the game.

  • The La Salle soccer team continued to put pressure on the Bend’s goalie.

  • Sophomore Sydney Spotts prepared to head the soccer, ball coming down field.

  • The girls soccer team tried to break through the Bend’ defensive line.

  • Players watched intensely from the sidelines at the start of the match.

  • The team joined together for a pre-game huddle as they prepared to run onto the field.

  • The team’s captains waited for the coin toss.

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