Student of the Week: Jack Sharp


Courtesy of Jack Sharp

Next year, Sharp hopes to take Calculus and AP Chemistry. “I enjoy science, and chemistry also,” he said. “I really enjoy doing the experiments.”

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

Over the last five years, junior Jack Sharp has spent hours rock climbing, either inside with Portland Rock Gym or outside across Oregon’s landscape with his friends. 

Before COVID-19, Sharp participated in numerous competitions with Portland Rock Gym, sometimes placing first in smaller competitions. 

Rock climbing has granted Sharp the ability to spend much of his free time outside in the warmer months, and during the colder months, Sharp enjoys skiing with his friends and family. 

“I try to get outside as much as possible,” Sharp said. 

Sharp’s favorite place to climb in Oregon is at Smith Rock State Park in Deschutes County. Depending on Sharp’s mood, the duration of his climbs can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to multiple hours. 

“It’s really beautiful, and it’s known to be some of the best rock climbing on the West Coast,” Sharp said. 

When Sharp isn’t spending his time climbing, he plays the piano. “I’d watch my cousins play, and I kind of wanted to learn how to do that,” he said. 

Being a fan of the outdoors, Sharp is a member of La Salle’s outdoor club, and has also been a student ambassador for the past three years he has been at La Salle. 

Although COVID-19 has changed what Sharp imagined his junior year to entail, he is grateful that it has enabled him to read more books and visit his older sister at Oregon State University. 

One of the most difficult obstacles derived from distance learning for many students has been staying on top of their workload, but Sharp said that he heavily relies on his planner to make sure he gets everything turned in on time. 

“I usually do homework at night,” Sharp said, allowing himself the time right after school to do something he enjoys. 

At La Salle, every junior spends a large chunk of the spring working on a research paper covering a topic of their choice. Sharp chose to write about clean energy, and has especially enjoyed the freedom that his English teacher Mr. Miles Kane has provided around the project. 

“I like English because [we explore] a lot of topics that a regular English class wouldn’t get to, [such as] social justice issues,” Sharp said. 

Sharp’s favorite thing about La Salle is the community. He added that one of his favorite teachers, Ms. Cha Asokan, has taught him how to be himself and has given him an outlet for his creativity. 

As the end of the school year approaches, Sharp has set an academic goal for himself that involves ending the semester with a 4.0 GPA. Eventually, he plans on applying to Oregon State University and potentially a few other schools in Oregon that are located near rock climbing or ski spots. 

Sharp is unsure about what he wants to study in college, but he is leaning towards engineering or something that involves math or science. As for a career, Sharp hopes to find a job that involves traveling, spending time in the outdoors, and working remotely.