Five 2000s Movies You May Have Forgotten About


Brooklyn Chillemi

The early 2000s are known for many things, including fashion and makeup, but there are many fun and nostalgic movies from that era that should be re-watched.

Payton Horsch, Staff Reporter

The early 2000s era was iconic in many ways. From the unique fashion to the eye-catching makeup, the 2000s gave us nostalgic music and movies. Now that Y2K fashion is becoming more popular, I figured 2000s movies could be brought back as well. Here is a list of my top five favorite 2000s movies you might have forgotten about. 

“Aquamarine” (2006) – PG

Friends Claire and Haile learn that mermaids are real when they find one in the beach club’s swimming pool after a wild storm. Claire and Haile must help their new friend, Aquamarine, prove to her father that love does exist. The only way to do that is to get the most desired lifeguard to fall in love with her. 

This movie is a classic rom-com that brings you the right amount of humor and heartbreak. The movie also demonstrates the power of friendship. 

You can find this movie on Youtube, or rent it on Amazon Prime.

“John Tucker Must Die” (2006) – PG-13

When three girls from different cliques learn that they are all secretly dating the same guy, they come together with the help of a new girl in town to get sweet revenge. 

“John Tucker Must Die” is a perfect movie to watch with friends. Although I don’t believe that you should use this movie as a guide for your relationship, it is full of quick-witted one-liners along with some relatable, and not-so-relatable situations. 

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime, or rent it on Youtube. 

“It’s a Boy Girl Thing” (2006) – PG-13

A classic “Freaky Friday” situation conspires between the sweet, nerdy girl from next door and the bad boy jock. They must find a way to reverse the spell and not raise suspicion before they are stuck in each other’s bodies forever.

With a crazy spin on getting to know someone before you judge them, “It’s a Boy Girl Thing” is a great movie to add to your movie marathon night. This movie is full of cringey and awkward scenes. However, the cute and sentimental moments are definitely able to compensate for it.

You can find this movie on Youtube and Amazon Prime.

“Just Friends” (2005) PG-13

After high school graduation, Chris confesses his love to his lifelong best friend. When she tells him she just wants to be friends, he leaves town and becomes the most desired heartbreaker. Ten years later when he finds himself back in his hometown for the holidays, he realizes he still has feelings for her and tries to win her heart.

“Just Friends” is a classic 2000s movie with heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. This movie gives us everything from true love in a small town, to friends, to lovers, with just the right amount of sarcasm and drama. 

You can rent this movie on Youtube and Amazon Prime.

“What a Girl Wants” (2003) – PG

This movie is about a young American girl who gets on a plane to England in hopes of finding her father who she has never met. Upon arrival, she quickly learns that her long-lost father is a well-respected member of the upper class and is planning to run for political office. Although the two are strangers, he welcomes her into his home where she finds that not everyone is thrilled by her company.

Not only do we get Amanda Bynes’ iconic fashion sense and her humor, but we get adventure,  a romantic relationship that blossoms, and we get to see love grow between a father and daughter.

You can find this movie on Netflix and HBO Max.