8 Songs to Listen to This Spring


Reilly Smith

Now that spring has rolled around, here are some suggestions of a few songs to add to your playlist.

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

The following article includes music containing explicit content. 

After what seems like months of rain and cold weather, a peak of spring has finally shown with subtle streams of sunlight and warmth bursting through the clouds, making it feel like spring and summer are just around the corner.

Whether you are having a picnic under the sun or stars, driving with the windows down, or celebrating that it’s Friday, here are eight songs that will help set the mood this spring.

“Good Days” – SZA

“Good Days” is a song truly for the good days. SZA’s honey-like voice, fused with soft instrumentals, and echoing vocals create this sensational track about moving forward, being optimistic, and hopeful. 

In this song, SZA reflects on a past relationship and how it impacted and changed her for the better. The genuine and powerful lyrics that have deeper meaning can inspire the listener to keep going and look at the bright side of things.

“Ghost Town” – Kanye West (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

Debuting on his “ye” album, Kanye covers the overall theme of finding self-love and acceptance. “Ghost Town” embodies the struggles of escaping fear and pain to become closer with family and worrying less about your reputation. 

The track has numerous voices from outstanding artists including benny blanco, Kid Cudi, and 070 Shake.

“Gravity” – Brent Faiyaz and DJ Dahi (Feat. Tyler the Creator)

This newly released song mixes vocals from three incredibly talented artists and different kinds of instrumentals. The groovy guitar, changing vocal pitches, and mesmerizing bass come together to make this timeless-sounding song. 

“New Person, Same Old Mistakes” – Tame Impala 

Every song on Tame Impala’s “Currents” album shares common themes of personal advancement, which sets this song up to be relatable for anyone who hears it. 

“New Person” speaks about how even though you can grow and mature and feel like a new person, you can continue to make the same mistakes, and that’s OK. 

The instrumentals beautifully connect with dreamy vocals, almost creating an experience-like sound for the ears. 

“Hold Up” – Beyoncé

The lighthearted and upbeat instrumentals of this tune slightly conceals the true meaning behind the lyrics, which address rage and resentment between Beyoncé and her partner. 

You can feel her pain and confusion in the way she sings, “can’t you see there’s no other man above you, what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you.” This not only ties together a passionate chorus, but completes the idea that not all loving relationships are as simple as they seem.

“Misery Business” – Paramore 

The lead single released from Paramore’s second album “Riot!,” reflects on one of the lead singers, Hayley Williams, experience as an angsty teen dealing with a close friend becoming distant. This upbeat, yet secretly painful song can be an anthem for the good and the bad times. 

“The Night is Still Young” – Nikki Minaj 

Rediscovering artists you listened to when you were younger is like finding gold. You know them, you love them, and now you get to listen to more music created perfectly for your ears. 

From one of her older albums, “The Pinkprint,” Nikki Minaj’s sound, lyrics, fast-paced beat, and the overall sensation you get from this song are undeniably going to make you feel unbound, stress-free, and powerful. 

“GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” – Tyler, The Creator

Every time this song plays, feelings of euphoria drown the listener. Something is powerful in Tyler, The Creator’s two-part song that perfectly combines two extremely different sounding songs together. 

Each moment of this song carries you down a summer memory, as he sings about the passage of time and how nothing lasts forever, and that no matter what happens, you just have to keep moving and growing.