Taylor Swift’s Music Career at a Glance


Fia Cooper

Taylor Swift’s first album dropped in 2006, when she was just 16 years old. 15 years later, let’s take a look at the history of her music career.

Olivia Aragon, Staff Reporter

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy names in the music industry, with a long list of accomplishments that will lead her to go down in history as one of the most legendary music artists of the 2000s and 2010s.

From the age of 15, Taylor Swift was performing her original music at a variety of venues around the Nashville area.

At one of these performances, a record executive named Scott Borchetta saw Swift perform. After this performance, Borchetta signed Swift as the first artist to his new record label, “Big Machine.” 

“The reason I was so driven was that I didn’t expect that anything would just happen for me,” Swift said explaining her outlook on her success in 2009, “but that doubt fueled me to work harder. I never expected anything to be given to me.”

Swift has won over 360 awards over her last 15 years in the music industry. This includes 10 Grammys, tying her for the 12th most Grammy-awarded artist, and she has 32 AMAs, making her the most-awarded AMAs music artist.

With the countless achievements that Swift has made in the music industry from the time that she was 15, it’s clear that Swift will go down as one of the most legendary artists of our time.

From revitalizing country music to being an incredibly young artist to bringing back 80s pop, it is fair to say that Swift has made her mark on the music industry. 

Plus, let’s not forget the years she spent fighting for music artists’ rights during her career.

For example, when Apple had a three-month free trial but would not pay artists any money for streams they got during those three months, Swift held her catalog from the streaming service until they agreed that they would compensate all artists for any streams they got. 

Additionally, she has brought attention to the importance of artists owning the rights to their own music when her old record label, Big Machine, refused to sell her the rights to her first six albums.

When addressing the sexism in the music industry Swift has said, “if a guy shares his experience in writing, he’s brave. If a woman shares her experience in writing, she’s oversharing and she’s overemotional or she might be crazy. Or ‘watch out, she’ll write a song about you.’ That joke is so old and it’s coming from a place of such sexism.”

All in all, don’t be surprised if Swift is an artist that is talked about for many decades to come. She’s been in the music industry since the young age of 15 and, even now, does not show any signs of her success dying down anytime soon. 

Let’s take a look at Swift’s music career history.